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When you are most helpless, don’t forget your core friends and the best teachers

webmaster friend: are you ready to buy space when doing the site, in the network of a lot of IDC, there is no choice, the cost of mind, choose a good feeling of space, spent 200 yuan. Used only to find out, hanging three times a day. Listen to the QQ group of "master" and "inspiration" to know other places similar space is only 150. This time you want someone to give you advice about how to buy a suitable space ah, but you searched QQ friends to give you advice are those IDC salesman, they say they are the most perfect space. read more

Successful Taobao customers must collect 3+N databases (1)

once, someone put the database bank if there is no money to spend, and then go to the bank to get some money, the pond data in cash, if money is wealthy, to accumulate some data, change of water to the fish pond. Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact, these two really have the same purpose.

today, Huo always want to share with you the success of Taobao passenger must collect 3+N database:

Witkey database

is known as China ancient wisdom God Zhuge Wuhou, actually did not die from enemy, but died on their own, in more than forty penalty stick to personally determine, so hands-on, even the strong body does not carry live. read more

The transformation of professional Adsense pain

doesn’t know how many professional webmasters still live in the wave of the internet. The first sentence of the article was sad and hurried, and it was so sad. Chang Xiaofeng has for a long time without writing, because I want to write some useful articles to help you, those with no reality whatever anything we touched, but today I still want to write false, because this is a kind of consciousness that can help you take some detours or to help themselves struggling out from the pain.

what is a professional station, read more

The birth of a rookie website

I’m a person who likes to download things online, movies, software, music, animation, novels, and so on. All the things I like to see in my computer. One reason it online, sometimes more cards, there is a reason it is not so much time to see this see that squatting in front of the computer, in addition, there is one of the most important reasons Oh, I love to watch the whole book, and then put the whole book downloaded to the mobile phone, so we can guarantee that I can watch it whenever and wherever possible. Hey hey, read more

The patient focused blog content

focus on the blog, the content of patient. Content building here mainly refers to the content of blogs that focus on a particular field, rather than the content of an individual life blog. If your blog is just a record of the little things in your life, you don’t have to think so much, what you like, what you want to write, and what to write about. But if your blog is a blog focused on a professional field (the webmaster blog is mostly of this type), the content of the construction can not be so arbitrary, must be patient. read more

941 Wangzhuan information station opened a 3 month summary

The site

station also has 3 months, for the operation of the site can be said to be feeling a lot, to the site but also spent a lot of effort, but due to the unreasonable planning website 3 times in just 1 months, until June was officially finalized for now this way, because of the space stability the middle is Baidu and Google in sand box for a long time, the construction experience of 941 Wangzhuan information station has the following main points:

1, must do the construction site before the official release, the test is completed and then released, because Baidu Google is love new sites, often a large number of new sites included, there is no problem, since he has given higher weights, if a new all the content is collected, also contains the wrong connection, then Baidu is do not love you, also won’t give you much traffic, the new station must not change, is a painful lesson for the river after a seaman, I stand after the two revision, Baidu Google into the sandbox for more than a month only scraped escaped from the sandbox. read more

Big, medium, small business website operation a few gaps

I don’t know much about the operation of the company, but I’ve seen a lot of companies and see a lot of them. Maybe it’s the mode of operation that defines the size of the business. Don’t talk too much. Look at the differences between big, medium and small businesses. Let’s find out why, too.

user experience chapter

large enterprises: to improve the user experience of the website by investigating the big data on the website, and to evaluate the quality of the website through questionnaire survey. read more

n my article station on-line experience

in fact, whether we do articles, websites or software download class website, different industry sites, and its promotion methods are almost the same. Today, I will be my article stand how to promote, do a simple experience share! Hope to play a role in attracting!


I want to talk about my article, the station is a website which was made in the beginning of 2010. What is the specific website, and I don’t want to be afraid of being called AD. Because before doing this station, I think a lot of the theme, the website localization in what direction and so on, my website program and the name of the site keywords, changed many times, half a month to start, Baidu is not included, so I don’t change the program, not the title, no more new content a few days later, Baidu released a collection of web pages, but because my program changed many times, Baidu included the long gone! No way, had to stick with it, I hope there will be a miracle. read more

About thirty years of age decided to choose to do stand

doesn’t remember how much through the night, with the U shield turned much money, Baidu cut off many pages in how many domain name, how many times have black IDC, how many times users are not cheat… Say… What, see the wife is sleeping, spit smoke ring: "at least I’m still here


I don’t hate the black heart of the IDC, after all, do IDC also has his own reasons: do not want to criticize the relentless Baidu, after all, what big birds are… The most hateful is to engage in malicious code (Trojan) person, but 2: read more

Cao Guangyun the way to success for stationmaster from the perspective of success (two)

Cao Guangyun in an article on to share the success of "the first" master piece of content, is currently has more than forty websites reproduced, reproduced here to open website thanks, because you will let more people understand to reprint the basic elements of success in, this article is to continue on a also, for the share of four successful people need to have quality:

success five: success is often not just what you want,

everyone knows one thing. When someone is famous, honor, money, beauty will be there. Just like the imperial examination system in ancient times. Fame, maybe he started only one idea, is promoted. But often when the promotion to achieve the goal of wealth and connections, then there will be. These were not originally thought of. Although web578 is not at all stages, but I feel it already. Web578 profit point is to join VIP members. But often a lot of people find me through this platform, in-depth cooperation. There is a VIP member whose family is from Hebei. The family opened a steel tube factory. After joining VIP, I felt I learned a lot. I felt that I was very helpful to him. One of his friends wanted to do an online marketing program, and finally handed me the list directly. read more