cut in to small pieces1 pack Maggi noodlesTaste makerA pinch of salt3 tbsp oil2-3 green chillies finely choppedProcedure

“We are not here to destroy tourism…. Jaswant Singh,25 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth. and vendors are set to launch new models in the Diwali festive period, But while the bill supports major funding boosts for NIH, was straightforward. so,in preparation why not brush up on some delicious recipes featuring the snack 1 Fried Maggi recipe Ingredients: 1 large Onion thinly chopped 1 large tomato thinly chopped 1 capsicum thinly chopped Boiled vegetables (carrots peas potato) cut in to small pieces 1 pack Maggi noodles Taste maker A pinch of salt 3 tbsp oil 2-3 green chillies finely chopped Procedure: – Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan – Add finely chopped green chillies and let it fry for 2 mins – And finely chopped onions fry till onions become translucent – Add finely chopped capsicum tomatoes and Saute for few more seconds on medium high flame and then add some salt to it – Now add one table spoon of soya sauce and mix it then add Maggi taste maker which comes with its packet – Add boiled vegetables to it and cook them for 2-3 mins – You can add veggies of your choice and keep the mixture aside – Now take a bowl add 2-1/2 cup water and bring it to boil – Add Magggi Stir for few seconds and then simmer the flame – Leave to cook for about 3-4 minutes until noodles become soft and little dry – Strain the water keep the maggi aside – Now add the maggi to the vegetable mixture and mix them properly with the help of forks so that the the taste makers are mixed with maggi properly – Make sure you don’t mix too much – Serve this dish immediately to enjoy a great snack dish 2 Maggi with eggs and caremelized onions Boil water add Maggi noodles and the tastemaker Allow the Maggi to cook; in the meanwhiletake out onion flakes Put some olive oil in a pan and saute the onion flakes You can also add garlic pieces To caramelize onions add a bit of sugar Take out the yolk of two eggs and add it on the pan above onions and garlic Serve Maggi in a plate layer fried eggs on the top and then top it withthe caramelized garlic and onions 3 Maggi Noodles Spring Rolls Ingredients 1/4 cup shredded cabbage 1/2 capsicum cut lengthwise 1 spring onion cut lengthwise 4-5 french beans cross cut Maggi noodles and taste maker 1 cup of tomato sauce 1 tablespoon oil 1/2 teaspoon ginger chilli paste 1 teaspoon chaat masala salt to taste tabasco or capsico sauce plain flour paste Method To make the filling: – Heat 1 tbsp oil Saute capsicum and french beans for 2 minutes – Add Maggi noodles – Add water and let the mixture boil Add the taste maker – Add ginger chilli paste chaat masala 1 and 1/2 tbsp tomato ketchup shredded cabbage and spring onions Add salt as per taste and mix well To make the rolls: – Take one spring roll sheet Spread the noodles mixture over the sheets – Make tight rolls covering up the noodle mixture completely Fix the edges of the rolls with plain flour paste and deep fry the rolls – Cut the rolls in pieces once they cool down a bit – Serve with capsico and tabsaco sauce mixture 4 Street Masala Maggi Ingredients 2 packs Maggi 1/2 tbsp Vegetable Oil Chopped ginger green chillies 1/2 Onion (chopped) 1/2 tbsp salt 1/2 yello bell pepper(diced) 1/2 diced tomato 1/4 cup peas 2 tastemaker Method * Take and pan and add oil * Add chopped ginger and green chillies * Saute this on medium to high flame for a minute * After a minute add onion and saute for another minute or two * Add salt?bell pepper (you can also add green capsicum),tomato * Add 1 cup of water and peas andtastemaker * Add noodles * Cook for few minutes 5 Noodle Cutlet Ingredients 1/2 cup green peas 1/2 cup corn boiled and mashed 2 tbsp gram flour (besan) 1 1/2 cup noodles boiled drained 1/2 tsp cumin powder roasted Salt to taste 1 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp garam masala 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp chilli flakes 1/2 cup cheese grated 2 tbsp milk Bread crumbs to coat Oil (to shallow fry) Method * Add boiled peas in a bowl and mash it with your hands * Now add yellow corns Mash it a bit * Add besan and mix well * Add noodles salt cumin powder garlic powder garam masala turmeric powder chilli flakes * Mix everything well and add cheese * Add a bit of milk and mash everything really well * Make cutlets and coat them with bread crumbs * Add oil to a pan and place your cutlets; shallow fry 6 Spicy Chicken Maggi Noodles Ingredients 1 pack Maggi Hungrooo Chopped garlic Chopped Onion (1 1/2) Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/4 tsp Turmeric 1/2 tsp chilly powder 1/2 kg boneless chicken (cut in small cubes) 1 tsp sugar 2 tbsp oil Method * Take chicken in the bowl add chilly powder turmeric powder and lemon juice * Add tastemaker and a bit of sugar * Pour oil in a pan add garlic saute for few seconds and add chopped onions and saute for 1-2 minutes * Add chicken and let it cook for 10 minutes * Add more salt if you want * Add boiled Maggi noodles to the pan * Mix cook and serve For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by ANI | London | Published: June 4 2009 10:26 am Related News Angelina Jolie has overthrown Oprah Winfrey by becoming the world’s most powerful celebrity in the annual list compiled by business magazine Forbes Oprahthe talk-show queentopped the list for the previous two years and remained highest earnermaking 275 million dollars in the past 12 months Howeverthis yearJolie34- the Hollywood actresshuman rights campaigner and mother-of-six-has relegated Winfrey to second place Forbes’ Celebrity 100 power rankings are based on a combination of earning power and media exposure The ”Tomb Raider” star and partner Brad Pittare the most photographed couple in the world Jolie’s 27 million dollars earnings in the past year included a 14 million dollars magazine deal for exclusive rights to the first pictures of the couple’s twinsKnox Leon and Vivienne Marchelinewho were born in August Pitton the other handis ranked in ninth placeone spot behind his ex-wifeJennifer Aniston “In addition to nearly doubling her earnings in the past yearAngelina Jolie is the most famous star on the planet She is in the dialogue of popular culture nearly every day – for her actingfor her relationship with Brad Pittfor her children and for her philanthropic endeavours All of this exposure leads to an extremely powerful celebrity brand” The Telegraph quoted Forbes as saying Madonna occupies the third spotnot only because of her world tourbut also her high profile divorce from Guy Ritchie and her thwarted attempt to adopt a second child from Malawi At the fourth spot in the list is Beyoncethe US singer Tiger Woods is the highest ranked male celebrityin fifth placeas the golfer remains the highest-paid sports star in the worldaccording to the magazine And Bruce Springsteenwho will headline the Glastonbury Festival later this monthdirector Steven Spielberg and basketball player Kobe Bryant complete the top 10 After her much-publicised multiple breakdowns last yearBritney Spears has occupied the 13th spot in the list this yearthanks to her new album and her ”Circus” tour While Tom Cruise stays at 20th positionGeorge Clooney stayed at 48 in the list Footballer David Beckham and teen sensation Miley Cyrus occupy the 28th and 29th spot respectively US President Barack Obama is the first sitting head of state to appear on the listwhich has been published annually since 1999 Here is the list of the 100 most powerful celebrities of 2009: Rank and name pay in million dollars: 1 Angelina Jolie 27 2 Oprah Winfrey 275 3 Madonna 110 4 Beyonce Knowles 87 5 Tiger Woods 110 6 Bruce Springsteen 70 7 Steven Spielberg 150 8 Jennifer Aniston 25 9 Brad Pitt 28 10 Kobe Bryant 45 11 Will Smith 45 12 Dr Phil McGraw 80 13 Britney Spears 35 14 David Letterman 45 15 Coldplay 70 16 Adam Sandler 55 17 Harrison Ford 65 18 Michael Jordan 45 19 LeBron James 40 20 Tom Cruise 33 21 Bon Jovi 50 22 Donald Trump 50 23 Rush Limbaugh 54 24 George Lucas 170 25 Simon Cowell 75 26 Stephenie Meyer 50 27 Roger Federer 33 28 David Beckham 42 29 Miley Cyrus 25 30 Tyler Perry 75 31 Kenny Chesney 65 32 Jay-Z 35 33 Clint Eastwood 35 34 Howard Stern 70 35 Sean Combs 30 36 Phil Mickelson 40 37 Jerry Seinfeld 85 38 Dave Matthews Band 65 39 Tom Hanks 35 40 Ellen DeGeneres 35 41 Eddie Murphy 40 42 Rascal Flatts 60 43 Jay Leno 32 44 Ryan Seacrest 38 45 Nicolas Cage 40 46 Kanye West 25 47 AC/DC 60 48 George Clooney 25 49 Barack Obama 2 50 50 Cent 20 51 Brian Grazer/Ron Howard 45 52 Kimi Raikkonen 45 53 Jerry Bruckheimer 100 54 Chris Rock 42 55 Ronaldinho 30 56 Jim Carrey 30 57 Manny Pacquiao 40 58 Sarah Jessica Parker 27 59 Toby Keith 52 60 Jonas Brothers 25 61 James Patterson 60 62 Kevin Garnett 30 63 Jeff Gordon 30 64 Meryl Streep 24 65 Larry David 55 66 Derek Jeter 30 67 Serena Williams 17 68 Stephen King 30 69 Taylor Swift 18 70 Daniel Radcliffe 25 71 Reese Witherspoon 15 72 Gisele Bundchen 25 73 Cameron Diaz 20 74 Nicole Kidman 9 75 Carrie Underwood 14 76 Maria Sharapova 22 77 Venus Williams 15 78 Heidi Klum 16 79 Rachael Ray 15 80 David Copperfield 30 81 Glenn Beck 23 82 Katherine Heigl 18 83 Jon Stewart 14 84 Jeff Dunham 30 85 Anne Hathaway 7 86 Tina Fey 7 87 Drew Barrymore 12 88 Charlie Sheen 21 89 Eva Longoria Parker 9 90 Ana Ivanovic 10 91 Alec Baldwin 8 92 Sandra Bullock 17 93 Steve Carell 20 94 Hugh Laurie 10 95 Wolfgang Puck 18 96 Penn & Teller 20 97 Kate Moss 8 98 Mariska Hargitay 8 99 Jennifer Love Hewitt 6 100 Danica Patrick 7 For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsK. a burly fellow with strong hands and a quick smile His great-grandfather started out with a shop and two cows Out of that grew Elm Farm a 450-hectare estate on which Grant is raising pigs and growing wheat peas and oil seed rape Recently Grant has added a new species of livestock: housefly larvae also known as maggots In two blue shipping containers a short drive from the farmhouse Grant is raising them by the tens of thousands They grow on manure from a nearby chicken farm—the fresher the better Grant says: “As it gets older it crusts and gets fungus in it” Maggots from old manure he says “are not as good a maggot as they are at the beginning” Grant has produced hundreds of kilos of dried maggots in the last few months as part of an EU-funded research project called PROteINSECT They are now being fed to fish pigs and chickens in large trials designed to answer an increasingly urgent question: Are insects the animal feed of the future Some scientists are convinced the answer is yes The world’s appetite for meat is growing and the production of animal feed is an increasing strain on land and water Insects could provide much of the protein animals need at a much lower environmental cost; many insect species can feed on manure like Grant’s maggots or other types of organic waste such as leftover food offal and grains discarded by breweries Regulatory agencies are beginning to weigh the benefits against potential safety risks including the possibility that insects might accumulate environmental toxins or even transmit diseases to the farm animals that eat them On 8 October the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma Italy released its first report on the risks of using insects as food and animal feed It concluded that the risks depend on the insect species used—and that more studies like PROteINSECT are needed before livestock or fish are switched to this new diet But in other countries the brave new world of industrial-scale insect farming is already on view THE BEST WAY TO TURN INSECTS into food is simply to eat them—and in many countries people already do More than 2 billion people occasionally cook caterpillars boil beetles or marinate maggots as part of their traditional diet In Southern Africa 95 billion mopane caterpillars—named for their favorite tree—are harvested every year for human consumption and in Uganda a kilogram of grasshoppers is more expensive than a kilogram of beef A CUADRA/SCIENCE Environmentally speaking it’s a great choice says Arnold van Huis an entomologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands who co-authored an insect cookbook Insects produce body mass at an astonishing rate in part because as coldblooded animals they don’t need to expend energy on regulating their body temperature Crickets need only 17 kilograms of feed to gain a kilogram of body weight; a typical US chicken consumes 25 kilograms pigs 5 kilograms and cattle 10 kilograms Another advantage: Most insects can be eaten whole Only about half of a chicken or a pig is edible; for a cow the fraction is even less As a result raising a kilogram of insect protein produces less CO2 than rearing pigs or cattle Van Huis says and takes up only one-tenth the land Edible species of which there are some 2000 are high in protein and rich in micronutrients such as iron and vitamins several studies have found A 2012 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) co-authored by Van Huis noted “the huge potential that insects offer for enhancing food security” But beyond the safety unknowns putting insects on the menu faces a bigger obstacle Van Huis says: “Most people are simply disgusted by the idea of eating insects” Feeding insects to livestock may have a lower environmental payoff but could be easier to sell to the public and it makes the safety concerns less acute (And who knows insect enthusiasts say once farm animals start eating insects humans might begin to find the idea less repulsive) Studies suggest that many animals do just fine on insects—which after all are a natural staple for creatures from chicken to trout A 2014 review by FAO scientists of feeding trials conducted on catfish tilapia rainbow trout and several other fish species as well as crustaceans chickens and pigs concluded that insect meal could replace between 25% and 100% of soymeal or fishmeal in the animals’ diets with no adverse effects Most insect meals were deficient in calcium and the amino acids methionine and lysine but those can be added cheaply The authors noted that the aroma and texture of fish did not change when they were fed on black soldier fly larvae Many people find the idea of eating mealworms repulsive Feeding them to animals avoids that problem YNSECT EUROPEAN FARMERS have little experience raising insects but Grant didn’t have to start from scratch Elm Farm has produced bluebottle larvae for decades as bait for recreational fishers They grow on abattoir waste—kidneys livers and hearts glistening in nauseating reds greens and browns Within a few days they’re covered by thousands of maggots as if they had come back to writhing pulsing life These larvae are an important moneymaker for Grant in the summer But with the houseflies he is raising next door he hopes to break into an even bigger market In one of the shipping containers thousands of flies buzz in a huge wooden compartment Early in the morning a farmhand places trays of fresh chicken manure on the floor of the container For 2 hours the flies are allowed to lay their eggs on the manure Then the trays are put inside the other container to hatch Larvae start hatching from the eggs within hours They feed on the manure which is kept moist and slowly burrow into it After a few days they move toward the sides of the tray; that means they are ready to harvest Some of the maggots get a little extra nutrition: fish scraps Grant uses those maggots to replenish the stock of flies next door “The fish just gives the flies a certain va-va-voom” he says “They are just fitter and lay more eggs” But most of the maggots are destined to be animal feed They are sieved from the manure then dumped into a cement mixer where they are dried and left to fall apart resulting in a fine insect powder For now it’s all for research purposes But Grant likes to imagine a building where all of this is automated so that he can churn out tons of animal feed “The potential is huge” Van Huis says In 2014 the world produced about 980 million tons of feed worth about $460 billion With meat consumption growing those numbers will only rise Already more than 80% of the world’s soybeans are used as feed; their cultivation takes up huge amounts of land and water Insect meal could never replace soy feed entirely but it could take some pressure off says PROteINSECT coordinator Elaine Fitches a researcher at the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) a partly privatized UK government institute in York It takes about a hectare of land to produce a ton of soy per year; the same area could produce up to 150 tons of insect protein she estimates Insect protein could make an even bigger impact in aquaculture which consumes 10% of the world’s fish production as feed for other fish The availability of fishmeal has been erratic and its prices are rising rapidly says Jason Drew a UK entrepreneur—from about $500 per ton in the 1990s to $1500 to $2500 in recent years “Companies are looking for solutions to the looming protein crisis Drew says “I think insect protein will replace fishmeal We can then leave this food source at the bottom of the food chain where it should be—in our seas” Drew is one of the founders of AgriProtein Technologies a company in Cape Town South Africa that many observers agree is furthest along in rearing insects at an industrial scale With $11 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and private investors the company has built a huge factory next to Cape Town International Airport that is now ramping up production Once it reaches capacity soldier fly larvae will consume 110 tons of organic waste daily to produce 24 tons of maggots Dried and ground to a powder they will be sold to South African farmers as feed at a lower price than fish meal Drew says Nothing prevents him from taking his product to the market and he already has plans for a second factory Drew thinks maggots will make him a millionaire REGULATORS IN EUROPE and the United States however still have concerns In the United States using insects as feed is allowed in some states but not others EnviroFlight a company based in Yellow Springs Ohio is rearing black soldier fly maggots and selling them as food for pets and zoo animals The company is working with the Food and Drug Administration to prove it’s also safe to feed its larvae to animals eaten by humans Feeding trials mainly of fish are underway and nationwide approval could come as early as September 2016 predicts EnviroFlight’s founder and director Glen Courtright “That would open the flood gates” Europe is warier in part because of the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) better known as mad cow disease in the 1980s and 1990s BSE is caused by misfolded brain proteins It spread among cows because they were fed proteins extracted from the remains of other cows and a few hundred people who ate infected beef caught a fatal human form of the disease variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease In response the European Union banned the feeding of almost any type of animal protein to farmed animals No one thought of insects at the time but today the regulation is holding back development complains Antoine Hubert a French scientist who co-founded Ynsect a company that aims to rear insects for feed and other applications Because insects and mammals are so distantly related the risk of prions or other pathogens making the jump is much smaller than it is between mammals Hubert argues In 2013 the European Union relaxed the rules a bit to allow the use of animal proteins in aquaculture But there is one problem: Animals used as fish feed have to be killed in a certified slaughterhouse with a welfare officer present a rule clearly not written with maggots in mind As a result fish farms can now feed their animals chicken offal but not insects—even though many fish species eat insects in nature but not chicken “That’s just absurd” Hubert says Hubert is now lobbying for changes in the regulations through the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed which he founded in April together with representatives of AgriProtein and companies from France Germany and the Netherlands The European Commission is paying attention: Also in April it asked EFSA its food watchdog to look into the risks posed by the use of insects in food and feed The resulting report issued last week mentions the buildup of chemicals such as heavy metals or arsenic as one possible risk It also discusses infectious diseases but finds that the risks aren’t higher than with other sources of animal protein Mick Grant a farmer in the United Kingdom has long raised bluebottle larvae for anglers Kai Kupferschmidt Insects aren’t even known to develop prion diseases the report notes and it agrees with Hubert that any bacteria or viruses that harm insects are most likely harmless to humans Insects could conceivably pick up pathogens of fish birds or mammals through their diet and passively spread them but there are ways to mitigate those risks the report says such as carefully choosing the insects’ food source On many issues however there’s simply not enough information There are reports of allergic reactions in humans after eating insects for instance and even a case of anaphylactic shock But such allergic reactions have never been reported in farm animals although they should be monitored for that the authors write MICK GRANT’S MAGGOTS could help provide more answers At FERA scientists have pureed the maggots and investigated them for pesticides heavy metals and traces of antibiotics and growth hormones “Anything that we find on a farm could find its way into the maggots and in our food chain” says Michael Dickinson a scientist at the institute “But we have not found any red flags so far” The maggots are now being fed to pigs and chickens in Belgium The growth of the animals as well as their health and the meat quality is compared with animals on a standard diet By the end of the year results from these trials should be available for EFSA to take into account Whether maggot-fed meat eventually makes its way to the table will depend in part on public acceptance—and Hubert worries that PROteINSECT’s use of manure as a food source will not help “The public won’t accept feeding insects on manure” Hubert says (Ynsect his own company only uses food industry byproducts that are allowed as feed) Mick Grant for his part sees no problem For him insects are all about efficiency “If you can use waste to make something it makes more sense than anything doesn’t it"Karan has remade the film in the same name now starring Hrithik Roshan and Dutt.

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Commenting on the exclusive launch to shlf1314n markets,s first and only biker bride and Tom Cruise?Kiki, But the simulations also showed that the typical tripod gait was still the best way for fruit flies and cockroaches to maneuver over uneven surfaces and climb—good news for anyone worried about fast-evolving bugs. it was 25% faster than another robot using a tripod gait,We need to do larger studies to confirm the discovery and also to clarify the biological link between PDSS2 and coffee consumption.the Daily Mail reported.The drama surrounding leaked e-mails belonging to the University of East Anglia’s (UES’s) Climatic Research Unit (CRU) continued over the weekend * Pennsylvania State University said e-mails by professor Michael Mann had raised questions and it would be “looking into this matter further. coupled with 4GB RAM.motorola XT1650 scores1930 and6207 in single-core and multi-score performance respectively Motorola had earlier said its Moto Mods will be compatible with second-generation of Moto Z devices as well Moto Z (2017) is expected to come with 16 magnetic pins at the back cover to support Moto Mods We don’t have any other information about the device as of now Moto Z along withMoto Z Play and Moto Mods was unveiled in shlf1314 in October a month after they were announced at the IFA in Berlin The Moto Z has is priced at Rs 39999 and Moto Z Play at Rs 24999 Moto Z (2016) is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset coupled with an Adreno 530 GPU The phone comes with 4GB RAM and either 32GB or 64GB internal storage (expandable to 256GB) The display on the phone is a 55-inch Quad HD AMOLED with 2560×1440 pixels Read:Moto Z shlf1314 launched today: The Future of Mobile is Here and it is Modular Moto Z comes with a 13MP primary camera with laser autofocus optical image stabilisation (OIS) and dual-LED flash along with a 5MP front shooter with LED flash The phone is backed by 2600 mAh that supports fast charging For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: June 29 2012 7:17 pm Related News Rapper Snoop Dogg was briefly detained at a Norwegian airport for carrying marijuana The 40-year-oldwho has a history of drug addictionwas stopped by officers at the Kristiansand Airport in Kjevikafter they found eight grams of weedreported TMZ Online The rapper was fined 1243 pound as the amount was less than 15 grams Norway’s marijuana laws are easy and an amount of up to 15 grams is usually considered for personal use and punishable by a maximum fine of 5000 kroner or USD 827 Dogg was later allowed entry in the countrywhere he is set to play the Hovefestivalen event For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News

the device bears model number ‘motorola XT1650’ and runs Android 7. One can achieve that perfect midriff if one follows right exercise regime and diet,” For all the latest Entertainment News, 94,M.