How to improve the quality of the key words of love Shanghai

, enhance the relevance, is to determine whether your words and your ideas have very direct relevance, the keyword is A products, does not reflect the characteristics of creative advantage of A products, in describing the enterprise strength history or description of B, C products; key words is the price of A product, creativity is not the price information. Has been in the description of product features and advantages. Solution: turn out to be key words from the unit, according to the "same structure, meaning similar to the principle of division to the new unit in the new unit, creative writing around the common theme unit keyword.


three, to ensure complete recording, in your creativity, around the main word, use wildcard let the rosy, such not only can remind Baidu spiders, also can let customers look can find their desired results


four, enhance the smooth degree of creative, not a good idea is not approved by Baidu, we can use the method of the structure to promote smooth degree of keywords: according to the "same structure, similar to the principle of" meaning in the unit to unit; the new unit to create meaning: according to the structure of the new unit the word, smooth creative new;

believes that each station as long as the above 4 points, the quality of your website will have a qualitative improvement, can through the low price to obtain good rankings. The above article from leasing 贵族宝贝cdtyy贵族宝贝, welcome to reprint, please keep this link when reproduced.

two, enhance creative appeal, one without any creative ideas is to attract more love in Shanghai, can not attract the attention of customers, creative appeal is a relative index, relative to the originality of the industry, whether on the Internet users more attractive. Therefore, creative appeal, there is no best, only better! Creative forms: enhancing the attractiveness of multiple embedded wildcards, repeatedly described; words of innovation: the application of phrase sentence, interrogative sentence; application of punctuation, English letters and numbers; use the full name.

love Shanghai modified ranking rules, good keywords quality becomes very important, because the quality of high degree, can not only on the left side of the three chance, can achieve a better ranking with lower prices, how to do better? Quality did not improve the creative? Writing is not good enough, or the price is not high enough, or the account structure itself, in the end what optimization in order to obtain higher quality, to better position, today we will talk about the problem.