According to the web site for enterprise network marketing is still the first choice of Shanghai Dra

third, Shanghai dragon optimization we can control to the promotion goal. We know that a lot of the time we hope that the website optimization customers through keyword search into their pages, of course, this time to choose our range is very wide, based on the level of understanding of their products and customer needs, we can continue to tap the demand keywords customers, targeted by the column page, page optimization extension of a series of multi net, the flowering, through the production of key vocabulary, optimization, and many thematic page page column page, so for the optimization we take into account the needs of users can optimize the needs of users and the Shanghai dragon show us page match well, the intention of the strong words through continuous efforts to achieve our desired goals.

I found that with the increasing popularity of smart mobile phone, the mobile Internet for the PC side impact is not small, as an enterprise webmaster, I felt from the various network channels for Shanghai dragon impact, such as WeChat, micro-blog and SNS all kinds of marketing means to make Shanghai Longfeng stressful, as a a corporate owners I still choose Shanghai dragon as the most powerful means of promotion, why choose Shanghai dragon? Here I mainly talk about his own views.

fourth, the user search behavior found that customers are still hot.

second, compared with other marketing mode of Shanghai Longfeng low cost. With a website optimization opposition is love Shanghai auction or some other paid marketing, free marketing internet grasping a lot, but do the best price or non Shanghai dragon and for promotion, but the bidding high promotion costs prohibitive so many small and medium-sized enterprises, and optimize the marketing website the approach is highly respected, the important reasons is that the input and output ratio is very large, and Shanghai Longfeng optimization stability is very high, love Shanghai for the white hat optimization on the site of its confidence is rising, love Shanghai green, Mars in 13 years was pointing out for high quality website support, so the white hat optimization site, features of stability ranking also very competitive.

first, the precise degree of traffic on the Shanghai dragon is still the mainstream. There’s no denying that Shanghai dragon is often rigid marketing marketing, such as micro-blog, WeChat, is also a marketing circle, may the crowd is and what you want to promote related industries, but not equal to the rigid demand, many consumers may just to get information, convenient after use, and Shanghai dragon the demand is more obvious, there are generally demand will understand their products, many companies have recently received telephone consultation in our service, and the intention of demand is very strong, because the local customers, basically a phone call after you can meet interviews, so this is me in the operation and maintenance of enterprise stand still Shanghai dragon as one reason for marketing.