Strong thinking after the Shanghai dragon era we will decide on what path to follow

today, Shanghai Dragon Development in China for many years, from the initial rise to madness, to the station is Shanghai dragon, it is not difficult to see the number of watershed, 2003, 2006, 2008, the rise of Shanghai dragon training, after 2008 did Shanghai Longfeng staff quickly soared, increasing employees, will Shanghai dragon industry status also led to a climax, love Shanghai constantly upgrade algorithm, 2012.6.28 events let us deeply shocked The imprint is engraved on my heart., our hearts divide such heavy is that we have to think about the age of the Shanghai dragon after we should decide on what path to follow? So after Shanghai dragon the times where

road where it will end, we do not consider the anti love Shanghai algorithm and the upgrading of the Internet environment, the author not only, since that now the network environment has undergone a qualitative change, quality is the essence of meaning, the Internet has been from the past are not the same, we all learn biology, environment often determines the species, then our Internet has changed what? Actually think about it is not difficult to find:

Three, the new requirement of the development of

four, with the birth of the Internet new media have changed.

two, the current information era everyone can write information, resulting in the fragmentation of information is too serious, you don’t have seriously to determine whether what you need, which is really useful information for you.

above is where we are now in the Internet environment are summarized, then I’ll talk about today the topic is, after Shanghai dragon age we should decide on what path to follow, as the saying goes, "when knowledge is a great man, and fortune", to understand the current situation and we will have a better strategy.

technology, new thinking, new models, new products for the "web site" category is more and more high, is not a simple ism.



, from the point of change, use mind map.

is more than four of the current thinking of the whole Internet environment summary, if there is wrong or incomplete is welcome to add.

, a product of the domestic network environment also is only the first, it is difficult to hold the two, third, users are only willing to remember the first.

for this I do not want to say, I only hope you can own more to think, before we can do is one of Shanghai dragon, so after Shanghai dragon age we should consider the multidimensional Shanghai dragon, I raise this is to give you specify a thinking way of Shanghai dragon and the mind map is a good stuff, can not understand self, of course, the multidimensional Shanghai dragon also need you to search engines have a general principle.