The analysis of user needs is the key to website optimization

this is why we want to cause the user demand analysis, it can let us understand the main demand of keywords and secondary demand, only when we understand the main demand of a keyword, the website, fill the main demand of the website content, users can point.

(5) video, the video on demand;

There are many methods for analysis of

such as: (1) love Shanghai know, illustrate the keywords question and demand;

in every industry, every one of the words, there are more than one search needs, such as the search for the word "Di Renjie", some people in order to understand the character of Di Renjie, some people is to see "detective Di Renjie", "Di Renjie" the Dragon God are these TV dramas and movies. Although each keyword has a plurality of user needs, but they have one thing in common, that is all the main demand and secondary needs, such as "Di Renjie", the main demand is to understand the character of Di Renjie introduction, the secondary demand is to watch TV or movies, according to the Shanghai Love Click algorithm can clearly know.

According to Shanghai’s official

1, according to the Shanghai love the drop-down box, search judgment: according to the Shanghai love the drop-down box, search to determine user needs is the most direct and convenient, the user needs the size of the order of words in Shanghai: love the drop-down box inside is sequentially from top to bottom, in the relevant search is left to right, the order from top to bottom. Need a little attention, love Shanghai drop-down box is the last week of data, love Shanghai related search is the last two weeks of data.

love said, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library know Shanghai picture can only hit 60 points, these contents are obviously improved, we only need to put these elements to achieve the ultimate.

(2) love Shanghai library, the data download demand;

industry user demand analysis is one of the key factors for website optimization. Optimization on the site, which is related to the future development direction of the overall layout, site selection and site keywords optimization; in the middle of website, it directly affects the site keywords ranking optimization; late in the website, which affects the conversion rate of the product or service. The industry did not identify the needs of users, in the optimization process will be less effective.

website user needs, in order to facilitate the majority of readers can understand, practical, especially introduces several methods of simple and easy to operate:

(3) love Shanghai pictures, picture shows demand;

2, according to the first page of keywords ranking judgment: more than half of the staff engaged in the website optimization keywords should know, many unpopular industry is not the drop-down box, and the search is not accurate, this is the case, the website optimization personnel can be judged according to the key words of the first ten order goods.

(4) Post Bar shows the love of Shanghai, to discuss the demand;