The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing (two)


for air conditioning users will eventually buy these products, so these products will attract users especially advantage, proportion of red figure is greatly stimulate the user’s desire to buy, so many people are buying the product, then I do not buy, look at the understanding of the solution is always right, understand the product the user and the evaluation of other users, for users to buy enthusiasm had a decisive influence, so as long as the products meet the needs of users, the conversion rate is certainly very good.


common screening if unable to reach the required accuracy, it is also prepared for the user to select the advanced filter, of course, the function of most users are not, because many parameters which most people cannot read, and many parameters, see people get confused, but most people don’t need this. But doing business well, the goal is to make all the people business, and is not only the most senior, so this filter function is also essential, can be a small number of users quickly find what they want to buy

analysis of the Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing in the "yesterday" in (a) I said this commodity screening continues today,


here and not too many words, just put the ranking the first product with thumbnails and price go up, other products are only a name and type, under normal circumstances, this layout click rate is very low, let alone the conversion, but it doesn’t affect the click rate, because it is sales charts. As long as the user’s line of sight to see this one, it will point in about. We all know that the user at the time of online shopping, two kinds of preference: the highest sales price, the cheapest! According to the user’s online shopping psychological speculation, we are buying things, even if what is not particularly good, but there is absolutely no difference, so these products do not need too much modification and touted, its conversion rate is certainly the highest


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let’s go red eye, "air conditioning" two words, not to allow all users to ignore this directly see the product list. Each user without payment before the psychology of each product are in fact a little hesitant, for example, if you want to buy an air conditioner, originally computing is to buy Haier, but in the mall, to see another person to buy a GREE, and you choose the configuration similarly, you will certainly want to know about air conditioning units that he bought, even with the air conditioning and the choice to compare, they have products that people do, users who do not have to mention.