Update some webmaster tips should master

fourth, the end must have a kind of mold

third, the updated title must search for

we can see that we enter the title in Shanghai love found no title such as like as two peas, the title will be published, if any, please change the webmaster.

Insert a picture of collection


every day for the website update several articles is the webmaster will do, but you know you update your useful? Article was collected before love Shanghai? I don’t know the update method, every day is to write articles and updates to the website, the actual long-term waste every day it is many, but included in the site did not increase in number, in order to solve this problem, I visited many teachers, after summing up, I now have their own articles updated tips.

many webmaster in the update article focus only on the monotonous, but they do not know what an important role in the internal chain is good, if you have altogether published two articles, the first second articles included, not included, so this time we can add second article links in the first article in the method by attract spider to achieve the purpose of included, for example: the A address is AAA, the B address is BBB, and the A has been the love of Shanghai included, this time the B is not included, then we can find a B in the A article related to the word, through the form of anchor text link to the B article, so I believe that as long as the love of spiders in Shanghai still grab, then you can get the B of the article included greatly improved.

second, the best content of the article

first, we want to add a link to the

no matter what type of articles, we must search when editing the title of the article, as I write this article, I will first love when published in Shanghai there is no search with my paper title, if it is available for a title, which can ensure the can be better recognized by search engines, figure

if there is picture in your article, and the picture of your web site, this figure is not seen by the user can cause the user’s memory? On this point I think those large portals do better, I see Sohu, Sina and other large web sites, in their own the edit articles are added to the web site, through the web site is not only to expand the publicity, but also add some security measures for the security, so I suggest that everyone in the website published an article on when combined with the way.

do not know if you noticed a problem, many webmaster in write often ignore the importance of both, but both are always the most important part.