Methods and suggestions of Shanghai Longfeng novice learning

users to see your article, he must have the needs of your article, at least it is to solve a problem. If you are the kind of water, you feel that your article has value? Can not solve the user demand articles are rubbish. A5 article each is examined, eliminate waste content. You should start from the needs of users the content of the article. In order to meet the needs of users is the most.

, the code must be picked up

learning to learn Shanghai dragon is in fact very difficult. You have to get information from the Shanghai love above, then read to him, and then go to practice, no matter in practice or data reading, is to get Shanghai dragon what. I do Shanghai Longfeng a good habit is me do not know where the record at the time, and then find the elder friends, let them help me to answer. I would like to share my learning. How is Shanghai dragon.

three, based on demand updates


time often heard friends complain, why are these people, why not learn Shanghai dragon? Why such a simple question do not know? They asked me, how can let them grasp the Shanghai dragon? They feel very impatient. Is not willing to go in-depth study of knowledge in this area. A couple from what they do to improve to the entry to the master, he is a process. From thinking – Practice – Summary – Practice – Summary of the process. This is a complete course. Shanghai dragon 80% novice learning is obtained through self-study, through training or what is teacher teach is less poor. For self Shanghai dragon here say about the methods and experiences of my previous study.

code is the foundation of the foundation, you modify a template, you get a special page, all want to use him, does not require the master, then you need to understand the basic code, to understand, see. If you can not practice, I suggest you go to build a local environment to install a web site to your hand.

planning, modaobuwukanchaigong. Especially the novice must pay attention to planning good keywords. If your keywords optimization is not you go on. Keywords planning can let you avoid detours. For economic considerations, the choice of words is a technique involving economy, ranking.

The author of the recent

two, to analyze thoroughly the


what is the most valuable? That is the key, whether you believe it or not, he is such. A website is an island, the keyword is the bridge. A keyword behind the station is a group of user groups, if you don’t have to do in-depth analysis of key words, you don’t know what is this group of people’s needs, if you understand that if you lose users, have no traffic conversion rate. Keywords speech must be in-depth analysis, find out the key words of the needs of users, and to meet them.