How to use a week to get 1000P know love Shanghai

we may not know, in addition to "love the sea virtuous not avoid Pro " and another called" equal ", that is to say if you send the link is a large site (such as Sina and other NetEase, the country’s top-ranking website) link, he would think that has the authority, is the basic unconditional. So we can Quxianjiuguo, I recently used Sina blog with love Shanghai know the promotion, get to know 1000IP’s experience from the love of Shanghai within a week, here and share with you:

2, increase quality backlinks


three, select the "Keywords" to answer the question

provide the credibility of websites

1, Sina blog has congenital advantage, have the authority, to know and love Shanghai users, the credibility of relatively large

3, complete answer task

want to know from the Shanghai love get external links and direct traffic, must leave a link in the comments, not all links are nonsense. And now love Shanghai know the audit is more and more strict, with the discovery of WWW basically, with贵族宝贝 domain name eye reply directly to delete, do not notice notice. What is the way to let Shanghai know that we love the normal link back to

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for their products is very popular, with their love Shanghai people’s words called "virtuous not avoid pro, although many webmaster detest, Interactive Encyclopedia of Shanghai became the boss even love search. We do, do network promotion will know love Shanghai know in search results how high status, the love of Shanghai know can bring effect is good, at least we know now has the following advantages:

1, registered account

love Shanghai

, a registered more than a few blog account, Sina blog, and the blog, 2 hours

5, set their own fields

brand promotion

4, the data that was reprinted, bring a large number of external links and direct view

> traffic will take you to the nature. love Shanghai arrangements 3,

2, add some

1, must choose the "Keywords" to answer the question, can choose according to the social hot spots, such as the now "Japan earthquake", "nuclear radiation", is very much concerned about the people, love Shanghai included is also very fast, but also very much

two, registered more than a few love Shanghai account, focusing on the training of an account, 1 days


4, a tentative answer a few questions for

site to bring direct traffic

2, and the blog in the industry is very famous, in addition, he also has a good support is three level domain name, easy to raise the weight of