How to speed up the web site of the success of the Shanghai dragon er

can be said in the Shanghai dragon industry 301 redirect function is known, in order to speed up the web site you need to first select a domain name for the site, and will be divided into all domain name redirection jump to the main domain name, if there are other high weight of the domain name can be produced and the effects of the jump, as can be imagined.

1, select the domain name

search spider into the site to the entrance, while the station chain increases and to submit a site search engine is to create conditions for the spider in. At the same time, the search engine also monitors every user access habits, browse pages. Take yourself as a user to search their own website, search engine will also send a spider and you go to visit the site, when it reaches a certain magnitude, the search engine in order to comply with.

site map contains all links to a website, can guide the search engine spiders, convenient search engine spiders to identify and capture the website main page, they indicate the direction for visitors, and help the lost visitors find they want to see the page, so the site map is very necessary.

line on the site before we need to enrich the content of the website, content early as possible are put some of the original or false original article, the high quality the chain attract spider crawling, web search engine to make a good impression.


site map


love of Shanghai sites included speed has been plagued by the grassroots webmaster, looking at the page can not be included in the love of Shanghai is a very painful thing, then what tips can speed up the website

site is relatively critical issue, the search engine as the user, to take a new in order to be different for your website title and description, so that interested in web search engines for faster included.

will be established for their website to choose an appropriate domain name is key, search engine through years of development has been strong enough to understand each domain of the past and present. Domain name registration time, expiration time, whether the record, what had been used as a building site and so on, these factors will affect the search engine to the site’s overall score, it is recommended that you purchase the domain name the best one-time buy few more years, and through formal channels for the record. Don’t let the search engine will start site into garbage station.

description and titleDescription and Title 301 redirect 2, the construction site of



7, visit the web site through search engines websiteThe score of

search engine on the web is to follow the principle of the supremacy of users, if you have enough confidence in your own website, can share button to display on the website, allowing more users to help you enhance the website weight.