Liu Daiyuan analysis of Sohu micro-blog Shanghai dragon love Shanghai rapid ranking method.

# temporary restrictions on the list of all banned grab


2. does not require certification is open to the love of Shanghai

we can open the Sohu micro-blog robots.txt file. 贵族宝贝t.sohu贵族宝贝/robots.txt, as follows:

# allowed to search the directory, Allow: / open all directory ####

content from above we can find the Sohu micro-blog open all the catalogue of love of Shanghai and their products Sogou search engine grab.


Sohu micro-blog is not certified love Shanghai open, but Sina and micro-blog are Tencent require authentication after allowing love in Shanghai.

# open love Shanghai search engine User-Agent code

Allow: /

# limit the search engine User-Agent code, said all ###########

as the gateway of the micro-blog business opening, to promote the national micro-blog era, for the network marketing personnel, gradually the vision of network marketing to micro-blog, micro-blog marketing topic gradually hot up, then the recent Shanghai dragon ER will find an interesting micro-blog marketing method in Sohu, micro-blog can do long tail keywords love Shanghai fast ranking.

Sohu micro-blog love Shanghai Shanghai dragon fast included ranking

3. Sohu to micro-blog product positioning and weight of micro-blog products,

User-agent: Baiduspider

# open Sogou search engine User-Agent code

1, Sohu micro-blog open love Shanghai search engine

with interest and development of micro-blog products, we can find the location of love Shanghai search engine portal micro-blog product weight is relatively high, we love Shanghai in search of a celebrity name, we will find that are in front of the Shanghai celebrities love micro-blog. Micro-blog released the content only within 140, with micro-blog keyword repeat released, will have higher density of keywords, then love Shanghai currently on the micro-blog content > cheating is not mature

User-agent: *

# limit does not search the directory, the Disallow: is empty when all open directory ####


Disallow: /

User-agent: Sogou

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