Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon VP ranking algorithm to update the disappearance of speculation

said ready to greet the new year, love Shanghai algorithm update remains the same, but this is still in the absence of any notification and warning, quietly took action. When every webmaster found changes, website down right down the right, slipped the slide. However, this difference is the webmaster have slowly adapted to the love of Shanghai, not abuse depressed, but all the more clear and rational, careful analysis of the reasons. Maybe next year, love Shanghai practices will not change, but to let the webmaster to realize, the search engine is orderly, not wanton manipulation.

but why other keywords ranking disappeared? I have some speculation, only for reference, I hope everyone can have more tucao.

from today’s situation, the site updated snapshot, shows that in January 2nd, the title is the last snapshot modify information. Also included is also increased. The author found that the website today at home owners love Shanghai weight of 1, is expected to flow to 16, but there is no record information. To love again love station network inquiry found that Shanghai weight is 0, perhaps is a computer problem. However, now the Shanghai dragon VIP search rankings are in the first place. From this point of view, Shanghai love of the station still seems to be lenient.

for a newly established website revision may not be what a good thing, but sometimes last ditch. From after the revision of the situation can be understood, in order to enhance the user experience of the webmaster is to do so. From the overall content of the situation, change is not great, but the layout of the position but different degrees of change, and not a. The background image changed; recommend reading the original has been changed, sometimes have sometimes not, now even the position changed (shifted upward); the sidebar original email subscription share icon and love Shanghai, now canceled, Shanghai became a floating share love; increase the corresponding text and external links at the bottom of the page. Although these seem to not make snap revision, but for a single page station, these small changes or let search engine alert. Why not a little change? Why can’t change after love Shanghai update? Sometimes things rushed to the point, the inevitable. The home page changes, let >

to Shanghai dragon are the biggest surprise is that Shanghai dragon VIP single page station turned out at the end of 2012, almost a month of the first home page ranking. However, all this can not control in their own hands. The love of Shanghai update algorithm, the whole stand ranking is out, in all target keyword search within the scope of the rankings are unable to find. Robin also said in the website be punished is down right, do not know the place can come back. Although accept Tucao users, but the response seems not so high enthusiasm.

In the end of 2012 from

home page layout changes more