Babanu improve your weight is not infinite chain effect

ask yourself every day? How many webmaster very hard to do in the station’s original content? I do not deny the chain here suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse, but there is a certain basis, I have two network stations from 1951 to now. Two websites almost didn’t do the chain construction, one of the station, from the last week to do what I have to the station every day to update the content, with even two hours to post me every night, is the basic content of the original, so I insist on two weeks a dozen IP site traffic, the original day increased to more than 120 IP every day now, the flow is mainly from the search engine, several keywords ranking to love Shanghai home before five, a word to second The name, brought a lot of traffic, the two weeks I was not how to send the chain, only the original content is updated every day, ranking went up, and the other one is the API station, the content is collected, also not the construction of the chain, the site has been ranked in the second page, now is old look, the ranking has been promoted. This shows the weight content is very high, the weight of the chain of more than.



Used in the construction of more time or in the hair of the chain of time

said the chain, is nothing more than a quantity and quality, and every effort the construction of the chain some quality is not high as original some articles, as long as the love of Shanghai included, also is a chain, that is to say the more included, site outside the chain will be more. Reprint your article will bring you the chain.

also, this website for two weeks before increasing in number, contains only more than 70 pages, now has a collection of 170 pages, so you don’t pay attention to, content, a construction of the chain and relax the content construction, collection content love Shanghai is also included, but over a period of time will be deleted this station, I have copied a few articles included the start, are now gone, or that the original content of love Shanghai very seriously. But the content of your website is very popular when users love, love also love Shanghai spiders, the weight of the website will give you a very high operational mechanism in Shanghai believe love accounted for the highest proportion of high-quality content, we pay attention to the chain at the same time we should pay more attention to the content in the website optimization, only in this website the weight will be promoted step by step.

in various Adsense online can be found everywhere: "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, many webmaster all know what is holding the legal content and the chain is very important, but many webmaster took a "rightist" line, infinite amplification chain of the importance, content is ignored "King", more powerful than the "emperor", perhaps there is no real understanding of this sentence is more affected by some people, a lot of people in the forums and online webmaster kept saying how to build the chain, the chain how important, but very few contents of how to build, how important. Lead in consciousness invisible on the formation of the chain to improve the site weight, unlimited enlarge the role of the chain, and ignore the content.