Analysis of common factors influencing website ranking

every webmaster after the website construction, through their own efforts, especially to strengthen the optimization version, I hope to be able to let their site ranking fell into a Shanghai home to love this important strategic highland. Then you can’t bother money sitting at home, it looks beautiful, but really want to achieve this point is difficult thing, because most of the webmaster have such ideas, eventually quietly choose to give up, the reason is to improve website ranking is so difficult.

fourth, not related to the page title and content. This is the site of many common illnesses, which many owners love and engage in web content acquisition are not unrelated, of course some clever webmaster will use some pseudo original method, will be the site of an original title change, and has a very strong attraction, hope to.

and the factors leading to website ranking is difficult to rise, often is not the webmaster to site operators do not work hard, but inadvertently in the operation on the site there are a lot of factors affecting the website ranking, website ranking and therefore leads to stagnation, and even retrogression problems, the author summarized here several webmaster friends often prone to problems.

third. A large number of links to the waste site. Many webmaster in operation after a period of time, found that the site was not imagined so soon to enter into the Shanghai love home, so in the management began to relax, and relax is the result of many web page is a lot of posting machine occupied, causing the site filled with a lot of garbage outside the chain, even if later clean up garbage, but the chain for the website the fight is very heavy, in a very short period of time will be very difficult to recover, it will lose interest due to the webmaster website, resulting website yijuebuzhen.

first, love Shanghai spiders often not open your site. This is a lot to buy some cheap, virtual space, virtual space is even used many websites, plus the IDC supplier service level difference, small room broadband, but also often appear in the server downtime problem, although the annual need only one hundred or two hundred yuan cost of space, looks very affordable, but the benefits behind often let you suffer unbearable pain, that is the site from time to time dropped, it will seriously affect the stability of the site, the spider love Shanghai if often not open your site, then you want good natural ranking is impossible.

second, too many similar content and similar structure. This is also a common problem with many websites, especially with the application of various site program, is now building a website, just need to purchase the corresponding template, then you can quickly build a very good web site, and then buy a set of collection procedures, the website content can be rapidly developed however, the results do only is to let the site became a garbage collector on the Internet, for this website to enhance the natural ranking of difficulties.