You are not ignoring the website optimization writing in detail

want to row the wedding of children’s shoes, one thing is very confused and do not know how to choose wedding photography company, some people are afraid of high prices, some people are afraid of taking money out of the ugly, and some people are not afraid of late. If you want to shoot the wedding in Zhengzhou, today, let Xiaobian really XXcompany to everyone that tips for choosing Zhengzhou wedding photography company:

editors estimated to see this when the title, sometimes feel bad to write. In fact, look at the title we should have some writing ideas, since the choice as a company, that would have to write some influence to visitors choose company factors, such as product prices, the establishment of the company advantage, strength, team advantage, user reputation, product quality etc.. From these aspects to write this article will be enough to give users some help. So when we are in the writing of the article, should be the first to think of a title, and then to a general structure in mind. Many of us in the primary school of writing, the teacher asked us to write a writing outline, is to have a clear idea.

we have learned about the structure, also known as how to write the article, first write the beginning. At the beginning of the writing of words should not be too long, a good grasp of the 100 word line, which should cover the optimization of key words. Just take the title, I’ll give you a demonstration of writing:

see a lot of blog or other platform in the article writing, just write a short description of the details should be careful of things, many will not write in the article, in fact, as the reader, hope to give specific details of writing. Today Feng Dongyang will give you an example of the details of writing articles for example. I just choose a industry industry, if choose a wedding company. For example, I want to write an article now, as the topic: how to choose the Zhengzhou wedding photography company? Some people say that this type of writing original is difficult, in fact which rely on the accumulation of reading habits, before I wrote about the experience of writing to write original articles, here I will not suggest, I began to share the details of the optimization techniques of writing the following.

first think to be the title structure of

at the beginning of 100 words or so better, which should cover the optimization of the key

in this section at the beginning of this section. I repeat what to write the title name, is also a natural embedding of Zhengzhou wedding photography company this.

many people are easy to overlook some of the details of the web site optimization, especially in. Some people all day to content is king Guazaizuibian, but really there are many? When we write the article, the article format, you use the subtitle these details? As the saying goes: "details determine success or failure, for this sentence we are likely to be used in some products, today I want to that is, for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, details can determine the overall ranking of your site.