Love Shanghai search engine website down how to solve

site I think needless to say, everyone is better than I know. When a lot of pseudo original content, may also be the love of Shanghai included, but later.

site should be reasonable, in the previous article don’t let them no echo. The new post, plus a reasonable old in the chain anchor text, or web site plus random recommended column, let old articles often have exposure and views.

page title and description is an overview of web users to see first, these two labels should be able to attract users to click, and can be a good summary of "the central idea. The title description is written well, even if not in the search results page to the top, the user is likely to click on, this is undoubtedly the "points.

1.Within the chain


webmaster friends all know, search engines are updated every hour and moment, there have been collected valuable pages, eliminate non value page action. But every week there is a medium-sized update, usually on Thursday or Friday, will each month beginning and end with a larger update. See through the webmaster tools data of Shanghai dragon leader, love Shanghai every day to reduce the proportion and increase the proportion of normal conditions is similar, it means that every day there will be a lot of pages to be deleted, love Shanghai several recent update, K off "ratio is very high, so many webmaster complaining.

website included drop

The chain structure of After the The original of this How to solve the

website and delete principle

3. "original degree and the value of

to solve this question, we first need to understand the process included love Shanghai". The search engine crawling on the page, we must first find the existence of url. In what way found Haitong page URL? Is basically through three points: the chain within the chain, and submit the page. The love of Shanghai through the three points that web site, then crawling, the comprehensive score of page if you reach the included standard, "will be released collection. Including the score related factors: the loading speed of the page, page in the chain, the chain page score score, the original page and label writing etc..

from the above description, the website included declined, said that "no value of search engine. To solve this problem, the webmaster friends can use the following to improve:

2. page title and description of


page is love Shanghai included, will enter the ranking stage, this time Shanghai will love further to determine the value of the page. Criteria include: the page click rate, bounce rate, user retention time and so on, if you "in these aspects of performance is not good, the search engine may be deleted at the next update.