fell in love with a few enlightenment sites were summarized to get K off the sea


1) not too frequently modify or change the site keywords, website templates and


space for the important, I think you are aware of itself. Therefore, if the owners do not want to love the Shanghai site was punished, then when the owners found what the problem site use space, "


2) other website collection be content, especially after the acquisition but not modify the contents of these

webmaster want to do a website, so the content is essential, after all, users will visit your site will be in search of what he needs, but rely on their owners to write the original content is not enough, in order to make the network development better, the webmaster definitely not to collect content from other sites, but webmaster to reprint reprint collection to collection, reproduced in or after acquisition, the webmaster is best to the acquisition or reproduced the contents of a change, try to make these contents reach a pseudo original effect, otherwise the site will be very easy to be love Shanghai as a garbage station, and once loved Shanghai as the garbage station, then

4) for space issues should be replaced, do not hold can have a good time idea

3) in a short period of time do not add much chain, especially the use of tools sending more desirable

no matter webmaster is to enhance the weight of the website, so that their website ranking, so as to obtain large amounts of traffic, or in order to improve website PR value, we must go to the webmaster have the chain added enough, but the stationmaster must pay attention, can add the chain, but not in a short time add too much, especially those who can not use the chain group tools in the chain increases, otherwise not only can not help to the website, the website will result in punishment, I think you also don’t want to own the site so loved Shanghai K off, or some other punishment for love

! ! source code!

believe that many webmaster will stand for such a thing, it is often modified web site keywords or template source, although modified the purpose of the website is presented to the user with a search engine in order to make the best of the website, but love Shanghai is not a good thing, because it will think of you the site is not stable, so modify the number or range will definitely make some punishment for your site. So, in order to avoid being punished site love Shanghai, when nothing is best not to change the site, especially the site is not very high in the weight of the case is not change

some time ago in the inquiry from the website webmaster tools found his website was in love with sea K out, although the site is K off Shanghai love nature is a bit sad, but in order to avoid repeating these webmaster detours, so the site after being in love with the sea K off, I summarized so few all the webmaster experience to share, hope everybody can have been cited in the