mprove the site selling point, attracted users attention!

2, knowledge

. Is the embodiment of professional, let users browse access to certain benefits. In the beginning, the best is a guru of knowledge creation, allowing users to form a habit of reading. Then, to form a certain development. For example, the Internet to promote knowledge creation, has the practical value of the user, the formation of reputation type network recommendation. The increase of the depth of the user reading range can get extended;

3, type. Is the embodiment of beauty, smile. People love beautiful, funny pictures type. For example, a dew point type of beautiful pictures, click rate will surge. So, this kind of website platform to highlight the fusion. Not only to meet the user’s browser, and not vulgar. Somewhat similar to the small, attitude attitude. For the user, and to ease people’s fatigue;

simple online communication, line delivery. This model simple, but the difficulty of. Early business platform, not what fame or high weight, not able to gather a large number of people, to pay attention to the website products. So, in order to obtain business income, we must rely on the website selling point, to effectively attract the user’s eye. Thus, the formation of a guide. Generally speaking, from the following types, draw some experience.

in 2013, the Internet on the traditional electricity supplier industry formed the impact force. In 2014, the Internet will continue with the wind. In modern society, the Internet is almost to get in by every opening, infiltration of various industries in the. So, with the help of the Internet is an effective method. Early sales through stores, formed a certain consumption patterns. Today, the Internet sales (electricity supplier) gradually become consumer habits. The 020 mode is the most early, is a Alibaba founded by. Simple online communication, logistics delivery, the formation of a transaction. As people are accustomed to the consumer. Then, many industry derivative business platform. Multi platform, competitiveness. How to guide users to their own homes in consumption?? in other words, the website is selling what it is worth, user consumption.

, 1 wire type. This kind of information platform, need two words: fast, bright. The fast pace of life, people loved by the mobile network. Thus, many "bow to the party". This warning, information network platform, with mobile client. The formation of dual role, so that people can read new information. The information content of the highlights, need. This can attract the viewer’s eyes.

4, entertainment games. Mainly is relax and have some fun. The modern Internet, facing the computer every day. There will be some agitated feeling, how to vent? This game is good. Transfer the vision of people, and become love. So, in the spirit of joy will be certain. For example, 12306 customer vent wall, is to write out their inner emotions, affixed to the wall. Or hit the sandbag like pile, is the direct vent. So, the game.