Seize the website construction high quality original content topic

5. website articles and highly relevant to the theme: as we all know, the website or each article has its own theme, high-quality original content is good, should exist in its environment. That is to say, IT articles published in IT related websites; news related to sports should be published in the sports section of the site; iron and steel industry and steel industry related articles published on the website. If the topic is not related articles published on the website, the audience becomes less, the value will be greatly reduced.

different users have the same habits, to the corresponding theme website to find their desired content. The theme of the site, to facilitate user access, the value of their own will get into a non ascension.

1. high quality original content importance is self-evident: love Shanghai launched the original spark program to improve the weight of the original site, the webmaster know the original content for the importance of the website.

3. there are many famous websites and people will respect the original author or website: the emergence of a high-quality original content of the article, will naturally be personal or other websites reproduced, especially at the same time, many well-known sites and individuals will respect the original author, they will be Shen Mingwen Zhang Laiyuan, but this is not commendable thing, but also power encourage the original author or website to the original article.

I think this is a core problem of the construction site, the construction site should be the core of what? The answer is: high quality original content + highly relevant to the theme of the two lines.

in today’s Internet era, there are tens of thousands of websites, at the same time, will produce many new sites every day. I believe that each site has a different owner, different purpose, this is also the reason why there are so many websites. However, only part of the site will be favored by the users. What is the reason why

4. the progress of the Internet lies in Innovation: Stop: the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar of fresh blood, not into the web page to browse view, it is hard for users to bring more value. Like other industries, only continuous innovation of "high quality original articles", to more vigorously promote the advancement of the internet.

I believe the old saying of "gold is gold", high-quality original >

this paper from the 5 aspects of the reason of high-quality original content + topic promotion website value:


2. web browsing the Internet is aimed to find the quality of the original content: no one wants to see a lot of junk information, or web content after collection adapted to put all sorts of things together. You may have such experience, found a very own love reprint articles, often want to know who is the original author. Conversely, if you are a writer or site of high quality original articles, nature will produce a large number of supporters, then, what flow and different visitors, IP website ranking is a natural thing.