Shanghai love you bad 8.22 after the taste has changed completely

why love Shanghai tastes change miscellaneous? Look at the map to know. In the search results, the type of site is more abundant, the product’s official website, Shanghai love Wikipedia, the product software download page, product video, forum posts, there is a new station, cy station, have the old station, and the page type is also relatively rich, previously seen is the old station home, relatively homogeneous seriously, to search the user experience, some poor, much better now. Look at page snapshot of the old content, but highlight more new content, on the other hand, is to improve the user experience of search. As an old station, in the keyword ranking some disappointment, but this is the user want results. Love the sea become good


1, "miscellaneous tastes change"

Although I do not


this update, love Shanghai to a great extent, gave a lot of support and new opportunities to optimize the keywords of the rack know is very difficult, may also fall in love with the sea would like to take this opportunity to tell those who delve into Shanghai Dragon Technology of webmaster, do website content is what we should do in the home! Keyword rankings, there are 2 new sites, ranking the site actually only 1 months, less than 2 months, for more than 2 years old, do not stand the home page, the heart is really sour, the performance is very general data (lower figure), the general user experience to observe, in recent days, ranked relatively stable. On page second there are a lot of new influx is a few months to the new station, new opportunities, perhaps the love of Shanghai on the other hand the reform, but also.


2, do not love the old station "," tender love "

360 joined the search industry, to the grassroots webmaster to bring a glimmer of hope, but the key is still current optimization of love in Shanghai, in August 22, love Shanghai completely changed, the old station, enough, why do you say that, following a splurge evidence, see Shanghai love in the end is where the "bad"


website for 2 years, so has been concerned about this keyword, 2 years of home page ranking, ranking in nature, in addition to a product’s official website has been basically unchanged, 2 year old station around the station occupied second pages are difficult to enter, but since June in Shanghai after the renewal of love. Slowly the pattern was broken, the first is the old station K station was included, gradually become less, followed by some new sites began to access home page ranking, so I did not pay attention to, that is they well optimized, but also people learn to follow, but these great advantages when the content of the railway station, the chain on the original. High quality content ratio is high, this is the love of Shanghai to update. If the new keyword search to bring new ideas, so after the August 22 update, is completely subvert the. Do I take a look at the following data analysis: