Taobao BB cream website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case sharing

in these BB cream, what brand of BB cream is best? This shop recommended taobao贵族宝贝 best selling several BB cream, with MISSHA > mystery


xianlaiwushi, Taobao made a guest website, under the guidance of predecessors in Shanghai dragon BB cream, the website template online directly grilled, sorry buddy, I only can say, really sorry. OK, in the subject, website case. From the program of zblog, WordPress and other selection procedures, because I know only the incompetence of dream weaving products, so it used to weave a dream, in fact what procedures does not matter, mainly to see how to use.

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title, I wrote, BB cream | Korean BB cream | what brand of BB cream – taobao贵族宝贝 BB cream list, BB cream, the word did not expect to have the website ranking, is not expected to rank, directly PASS off, write up is to let SB know this love Shanghai, Title Segmentation for Korean BB cream, and what brand of BB cream, BB cream taobao贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝 list of the BB cream, BB cream cream on the list, these words in love not too fierce competitiveness of Shanghai have the opportunity to row up and the conversion rate is relatively high.

, written just a few, it is around the word BB cream to write, predecessors said in the search engine keywords proportion is very low, some do not allow search engines to judge is feasible, it is better than nothing, I still write a few, haha.

description, BB cream, BB cream which is best, which is easy to use BB cream, BB cream is a new pure natural foundation in order to protect and soothe the skin and research and development, with backing cream, skin care products, this site provides taobao贵族宝贝 shopping information and South Korea BB BB cream cream purchasing for you. Describe the description sentence and linking various keywords, taobao贵族宝贝 BB cream, BB cream, BB cream, BB cream South Korea shopping guide, these words, the addition of two very cold in the long tail keywords, which is best to use BB cream, BB cream which is good, this kind of word conversion rate is when the.

is the site of the layout of the board, because others are good, I am only slightly modified, in the head and were introduced, mainly in order to highlight the theme of this BB cream, a series of Web site keywords around. In the selection of BB cream brand before the first take a look at what is BB cream, is Blemish Balm, the main function of concealer, adjust color of skin, sunscreen, fine pores, can create a Nude Look (nude make-up effect) feeling. BB cream products are divided into oil whitening BB cream, BB cream, BB cream and several minerals. The world’s top ten BB cream: MISSHA Missha, SKIN79, The face shop, Skin food, Hanskin, VOV, VOV, Olga Ni, Lohashill BB.