Why our website will be K, then how to do

server to be punished

two, after the discovery site was K how to do

1. here to advise those who just started doing the webmaster, the site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is not ready in case of better not stand, because once you have been included in the site started to optimize the unsatisfactory and begin to change the site after these are on site adverse, click the search engine will not updated snapshot, included is not increased, even directly K your stand, but those high weight website relatively safer, so new sites do not just change the title of

6, IP

, first of all, our common site is K due to the following ten points:


search engine itself (some algorithm change or update error)

1, website frequently modify the page title (for new sites or low weight site especially

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and Shanghai Longfeng study we often heard people complain about love in the forum in Shanghai. "Why do I take the website but the page was K, the website included all gone" or website although normal included but home but included no longer, I want to tell you is: flies not hover eggs, if you do not touch the bottom line of the search engine, search engine will not It is without rhyme or reason. to K your website, so once the site is K phenomenon is to take check your website, not to complain again at the same time to help you It is without rhyme or reason., the forum called Shanghai dragon master is of no use, because he did not know what your site is optimized, so still rely on their own a little bit to know, to research for the novice! So common site is the cause of the K are those? The site was K

9, the default home name change 10, a new station (love Shanghai called sandbox)

– 8%) )

3, web page special tags using too much (H label, strong label)


2, the website keyword density too high (more than 2% search engines with

5, Links is not reliable or be punished

? how to do?

4, the website to buy space unstable

7, Robots.txt documents writing errors (robots banned spider crawling)

The transition period of

2. a large part of the site home page is the K reason is because the website of Shanghai dragon over optimization, including the home page optimization excessive keyword density is too high, the website special tags use too much; a lot of people in order to website ranking wantonly in the website home page to improve the keyword density, the most common is the label column in the excessive use of keywords standard >