Three aspects of the text in the keyword layout.

, the two key position

many people do not know exactly what keywords should be placed in the position of the article, some he is added, if carefully study the webmaster may find some of the more famous website content keyword layout is the rule, the first sentence of the first paragraph of the general contains keywords, the head weights in the whole article is the highest, so we can’t afford to waste such a good position. If you can, we are in the middle and end of the article as far as possible the appropriate keyword.

, many children may feel is too much trouble, but the layout of the keywords weight ascension is helpful. In fact, if this is our own nature writing, these are easy to embed.

keyword density and not too much emphasis on the need to appear, the general key two or three times, this is according to the length and of course, if longer words, keywords appear five or six times to avoid keyword accumulation. Keywords accumulation will only backfire, hope the new Adsense must understand this point.

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, a keyword densityThe

This article is Some layout above about The author thinks that the reasonable layout of the website keyword

also has its great influence on the quality of a website optimization. Many webmaster friends often talk about the overall site layout is the key, and there is no specific website for the keyword layout skills to explain, the author will combine some of their operation and experience to share.

, three, keyword

mentioned here, mainly for the complete keyword matching, avoid keyword separated into several parts in the article, believe that many webmaster know love Shanghai keyword matching complete or have very high requirements. Many novice friends do not understand very well, what is the meaning of integrity. Then an example is given to illustrate Jiulai Xiao Wu, "Hefei site optimization" this keyword, if we need to put in the article, we try to ensure the integrity of the head, not separated into "Hefei" and "site optimization", and in other parts of the appropriate or can be separated in the.