The website optimization need to analyze the data which

fifth: analysis of website chain included

to do the webmaster, do you know what data analysis of optimizing a website need attention? If you don’t know, that we are going to discuss the results of hope to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work to help bring friends.

sixth: PV, IP, analysis of the website UV data

analysis of the quality of the original articles is not only the quality analysis of the site within the update article, as well as analysis of the quality of the chain, because the original article quality will also affect the ranking, if a website is rich in content, and often update and has a group of high quality stable links, even if it is a day the group also is no risk.


for Shanghai dragon staff we are very aware of the external links is the need to improve the stability, the site does not overeating can affect this to the website is great, and we also need to monitor the site included.

The first point:

analysis of web server refused to access time, to enhance the user experience of the website business is very.

keyword ranking to understand the progress of the ranking, in order to achieve Shanghai Longfeng work adjustment, but also a way to know the project progress report, analysis of keywords ranking is also very important that Shanghai dragon website optimization.

Some basic data on the website of the search engine spider crawling data analysis program website


analysis of quality of the original article

seventh: the analysis of why the server refused to visit

this is a familiar fact: want to have a website ranking, you must first be included in search engines in its database, and then according to the rules of search engine, the ranking of keywords and site analysis, grab search engine program, so as to improve the capture of search engine to achieve the purpose of increasing included.

analysis of keywords ranking

The importance of data analysis should be very clear when optimizing a site Through the analysis of the

second: analysis of traffic statistics

analysis is the day we must see, such as PV, UV, IP sites of these data, we can see from the data flow trend of website, if you dropped to find out the reasons, analysis of the actual data to do.

every day to do is to see traffic statistics, see which keywords flow, but there are also some Adsense see the eyes will not see, because the data analysis is one of the few traffic statistics function is also more and more, provide a large amount of data for us, but a lot of people are in want of perfection don’t care about it. Flow analysis for us to optimize the page, enhance the user experience is very good.