A detailed explanation of the chain end which is good

now I summarize years of experience to explain the chain, hope to help novice friends. Forum signature think the effect is not obvious in my actual combat, only added to the link to love Shanghai, also known as the chain, but the actual effect is not big. If some can be added to the anchor text signature effect, or you can click directly into your website that is there, but it is important to note that you must check whether the forum joined the "nofollow". The anchor text is mainly done outside of Shanghai Longfeng chain source, the effect is good, suggest that you collect most of the high weight of the forum to write soft add anchor text, so you stand rankings very helpful. I think Links is included and ranking a best of the chain, because Links are basically in the home page, a site of the highest weight of the home page, so that Links is one of the most effective. For example, even if you are in a PR8 forum written over the article, but you know PR8 is the weight assigned to the weight it ZhengZhan, a sub page is almost very small. For the new station if it is to me then I will choose one side to add soft anchor text and their related webmaster exchange Links, like Shanghai will soon be included in your website or update your snapshot. The exchange links need to pay attention to what you can go to search related articles.

left Shanghai dragon industry have been more than 2 years, recently at a friend request in three received a few stations in Shanghai Longfeng, my friend is SF, he let me use formal the fastest way to do before three, he is willing to spend the money. I promised to come down after simple to him to do the next page optimization. The next step is to send the chain, because the chain, Shanghai dragon related forum will visit more, often see the novice often ask forum signature in the end there is no effect? Links the chain ranking effect or forum anchor text of the chain effect is good? Etc. this kind of problem, I see later that they are like when I just started to learn the Shanghai dragon like. In fact, the above mentioned are known outside the chain. But really know what kind of chain form is good, I think a lot of birds do not know.

finally said to me to a few of my friends do the station. I give the friend conservative estimated time is 1 months in the top twenty, 2 months in the top ten, 3 months in the top three. Because my friend is SF, he is willing to spend money, so I gave him to buy links, so the effect is better, the effect of the chain is the best single Links, this will only increase the weight and not export. Now it has been almost a month, he gave me the 3 sites, respectively is the "Blue Moon Legend original legend Liangshan legend" of these 3 words. A month of Shanghai Longfeng report results ranked 18 is a blue moon legend. The original legend ranked second, is the first love of Shanghai Post Bar easily into the first. Liangshan legend ranked in the day before the article published in third, after a day to seventh, the new station is not stable is normal, but I >