The web site is down right why happened to you

The optimization The

three, don’t try to do Shanghai dragon

collection is common in most of the webmaster, because people are inert and have love take some shortcuts to do what I want to, acquisition has not been recognized by search engines, that the acquisition is a website cheating way, so we in the update time try not to use a collection, because we have a website, in the end the use of collector one or two times caused by K and right down, I think the deal is not too good.

The importance of

as everyone knows a website and the Shanghai dragon optimization are two focus on a webmaster must learn early, we put our website to build up on the late Shanghai dragon optimization to obtain the search engine ranking to obtain considerable traffic get considerable profits, but there are many webmaster have websites drop right after, so today a talk about the website drop right why would happen to us, what should we do to avoid.

above is my personal website summed up some reasons about why right down and avoid right down, hope to all the webmaster can have some help and inspiration, also wish you webmaster website ranking is booming, be promoted step by step.

four, the original article

The original content of

search engine optimization, this rule is mostly their own webmaster experience, but want to do a site and do the word of mouth, only to do our job, put the user experience of the website to promote, to look at your site in a perspective of the viewer, so the site do not deliberately to do optimization.


two, flood uncontrolled collection content

for many webmaster most troubling thing is a website, because many owners for the original do not know where to start, in fact, the original webmaster is not difficult to imagine, the original we first want to write the theme and thought, I can as a diary to complete, but also will not have the words to write, how much is this method, the effect is very good, a lot of the content of the website is the network repeated countless times, the site search engine that did not have any idea about you, the only idea is right down K processing station.

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, a website main keywords, title frequently modified

for many novice webmaster, pre setting website keyword and title is very important, because we must ensure that set up the main keyword and website title will not change, so to add and modify the first step must be done in place, not enough for three days, five days a small change to change, if so frequently modified the site to drop right is unavoidable, perhaps more serious is the site directly by K.