Xu Jin the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng flow conversion rate

I have a friend that specializes in him is the knowledge flow conversion, he is doing business investment (large profit margins) of this website. Every flow around 100 is not much, but every day he has about 10 people consulting (the equivalent of 10 potential customers), every two days to reach an average of one month. 5 his website conversion rate (% of transactions of enterprise website conversion rate reached number = / website by clicks (i.e., the total number of visits), one thousand people) five people were quite good. Relative to their companies looking for customers salesman every month can reach several orders to comfortable, this is a world of difference, this is the Shanghai dragon can bring benefits.

the fourth step, how to improve the user viscosity, which is commonly referred to as the customer life cycle. More and more sites began to abandon the flow index, focus on the viscosity index. Of course, this is based on the third stage of the quantitative and qualitative changes on. If the back to do a lot, consider looking for venture capital financing on ~ don’t laugh don’t bite me! The proliferation of Shanghai dragon does have a thinking, should dare to see the team behind the most probably it did not actually happen more execution. ~

has previously written a lot about Shanghai Longfeng do, the website content and the construction of the chain and other details of the operation, we change the topic – flow conversion rate problem. Enter the topic before the hope we can keep an empty cup mentality, back to the starting point, think about what we do for Shanghai dragon? Most of the time we are with the answer to this question in the industry.

the next step, whether technical or business strategy adjustment is a refinement and focus of the stage. The task of this stage is to flow to do down. Of course, this is done, not to say do not flow, but high quality, have the flow. Only the only focus, refinement, to make Shanghai dragon more value.

then talk about the specific operation process flow conversion:

to the third step is to further enhance the overall flow of the site up, this time the pursuit of high quality flow. To find their own customers, find customers circle, study how to put this big again. Is this time, Shanghai Longfeng components will weaken a role, user behavior and experience of the design are highlighted. Not really focus on the audience, useful things, to promote the quality of the flow.

whether you are selling products or services sold, first Shanghai dragon is a process, both from the technical maturity process, or from the process of business strategy adjustment, the beginning of this process is certainly an extensive stage. This stage is how to flow to do, of course this stage selected keywords don’t too, as for the choice of heat and heat, have no problem, as long as the flow can go up, whatever. This is my friend and I often disagree. The first is that most people think need to position, standing in the visitor’s point of view of the user’s search habits.