To the old Shanghai dragon Er article don’t look down on new Shanghai Dragon

first step: start on the layout of the site keywords, in an article on the "Shanghai dragon [] keywords combat pyramid structure layout" already mentioned, at present my keywords layout is not reasonable, we can look at the candy house photography layout of the words, it is just getting started is modified, so far have not modified the future will gradually perfect!

web page code is too messy.

: second months from Zac’s book really learn a lot of knowledge! I live to Shanghai dragon journey in

!Fifth step

, finishing Links, we all know this, I will not nonsense,

Third step to the point! now! account!

the fourth step, the structure of the web site is not good, we all know this website search engine architecture div+css love the most, but my site is not, this is no way to change the

!Second step

in the first month: just contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, really is what all don’t understand, a friend introduced me to this industry, give me the Shanghai dragon this industry is very good entry, so I started looking for work in Shanghai Longfeng, began to hit, in Beijing Shanghai dragon company I do not accept this do not understand what is the Shanghai dragon people, even learning do not give me the opportunity, in a chance, the candy house photography contacted me, give me this opportunity, let me learn to do! So I decided to let you see the old Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai, new dragon is not worse than you! When I started learning is really very confused, Shanghai dragon is the link? I slowly found wrong, Shanghai dragon to learn too much! I bought Zac Shanghai Dragon Feng began to study the actual password, the first month I almost all in learning, and is a registered account! It accumulated a month

: the old site of the most common mistakes is Links are displayed on each page, start a candy house photography station is the same, find the mistake, I quickly dispose of the useless! Web page too much, and use the nofollow attribute to the page weight distribution,

why I wrote this title, because I have just started Shanghai dragon, before many of the old Shanghai dragon attack, today I write this article to prove the new Shanghai dragon is not worse than you! Now live in the moment to write his 113 days to do abortion two occupy Beijing wedding wedding photography studio the word home photography about a year! I live in the present in previous articles mentioned in my experience, is a chance to contact the Shanghai dragon, is also a chance to enter the candy house studio, from March 15th to 7.05 today after 113 days, now the candy house photography it is ranked in the "Beijing wedding photography" love Shanghai rankings stabilized, below summarize my experience of more than 3 months, a lot of hope that we can also hope that pointing! The old Shanghai dragon er