The importance of internal chain and how to carry out the chain optimization

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: first establish

website system, and sitemap is placed in the home, if possible, can be placed at the bottom of each page, so the search engines crawl once a page, you can easily crawl all pages. As shown in the bottom case, increase the site navigation column map "

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The use of

as teacher Cardiff are especially fond of the practice, make full use of the bottom of the site, this must remember. Must be all columns of the site to set out again at the bottom, add the keyword in the weight of this station, at the same time to search the role of crawler traction. We should use the anchor text form, try to avoid pictures or call js.

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third: tag to set up tag

station link, to show the link keyword guide is very important in the text, we sorted out the article, to anchor text links mainly embodies the key search words or key pages on the site, regardless of the user browsing or search engine, it is a good hint this will greatly increase the key link in the browser or search engine heart. This point, most of the owners are very aware of the importance of.

then how to establish good internal links of your site. We use 贵族宝贝5yqd贵族宝贝 as an example to make an explanation.

fifth: "each link

we seem to ignore the importance of internal links, we call the chain. Within the chain to a certain extent and almost equal value chain. Moreover, different from the chain, to see other webmasters face, inside the chain, completely under his control. Do we need to establish internal links.

site navigationSite map sitemap

webmaster all know, the chain for the importance of the rankings, the optimization of the chain is essential for every webmaster. However, the optimization of the chain is really sad history. Every day the crazy chat and collected articles blog accounted for almost 80% of the time.

: the second section of the establishment of

Tag, a great convenience to the users’ browsing habits and hobbies, this search engine is also very friendly. The use of Tag to guide the visitors and the depth of the search engine, is very conducive to optimization. As shown in the case of the site, set up a lot in the bottom of the tag guide, no doubt to the search engine a good hint.

tree structure for search engine optimization, the >


fourth: internal keyword anchor text set up