What are the performance of the web site is down right

8, keyword stuffing. The love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, so the key is reducing weight factor fatal;

5, changes in website of more than 30%, if you feel the need to enhance the user experience, you can slowly change, reduce the momentum of reform, the extending period, so that we can accept the search engine (once the case, noble color wrong baby logo, Google changed a little bit every day, spent 45 days to change the normal value, so as not to cause the user antipathy.

2, without any update or love Shanghai snapshot date much earlier;

9, website optimization excessive, or by deception;

1, the stability of the server, instead of your visit is now generally stable, stability is that all day long 24 hours stable.

3, focus on user experience and content of the site itself, reduce the optimization efforts to prevent excessive optimization;

1, the main keyword ranking dropped, as in the original home of keywords, now suddenly dropped to dozens of pages or can not find the place;

2, website optimization code, change the structure. Let the page source code more concise and practical, lightweight structure more convenient, the search engine spiders.


three, a solution to web site is down right:

10, there is K or drop right site D-Link, penalized sites will cause our website implicated;

5, PR decreased by

2, check your website or server, is hanging the horse, even hanging horse, not a one-time. All the web pages all removed, otherwise there will be a large number of dead links

4, modified > can’t change the title and keywords such as "lottery game"

4, a lot of long tail keywords ranking drop

7, reduce the external links to the web site of the weight or quantity decreased, which requires us to adhere to the daily inspection of friends chain or check the external connection number;


3 included decreased gradually, no new

4, the title change website, the title should not be too much or change frequently join or piled up a lot of strange words in the title of

1, regularly update the content, increase the original related content;


two, which causes the site to drop right

, what is the right of the site is down

11, the website collection content or high repetition of articles;

site right down to what the performance


3, sensitive words appear on the content of the website;

6, whether or not to design a website, content changes or not? Whether the path of change? This is the common cause of right down;