To solve the problems included three awesome Technology

(1), page open speed

(3), the degree of interaction of users (top, like this kind of

I have no problem — the extent of demand, implicit demand

news not frequently updated and valuable for the user to solve user problems such as news updates, promotional information, company relocation, the relocation of the plant, the management strategy adjustment, the adjustment of cooperation matters.

3, with the added value of

three, including content of what is

(2), the user experience of

user needs

4, the scarcity of

, why




search engine for the content is included, to look at the target user groups demand degree


1, the audience size

example: jade bracelets – to identify the authenticity of all, fear of fakes, we can provide the jade bracelet to identify the authenticity of the video


the user needs the love of Shanghai may be included, timeliness, scarcity of information and so on love Shanghai included will be faster, the user is in demand, such as: we can think to buy a bracelet bracelet people will want to know what it is, price, quality, is not genuine and so on, we can tap the user needs in order to increase the number included website through love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the drop-down box to search keywords recently users, we can tap the user needs the keywords we update the article, when we will be in Shanghai in search of love bracelet size bracelet bracelet bracelet bracelet picture, price, brand. Bracelet measurement and so on keywords, we can update the content through the above keywords, in order to obtain the website ranking.


not only depends on the content you sometimes provide the value of the amount, the audience is also a very important factor to

do I have excellent people, more than others,

audience is very concerned is to be updated.

reprint news will be included, their original article not included? Has reproduced the value of communication, the audience is high, the timeliness of the content.

Ma and I log, who included fast? Ma, because of his audience than I do

content have timeliness to include what content?

error: included is the basis of ranking weight, not necessarily you included more, your weight will be ranked high, included with rank and weight has no direct relationship.

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