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with the frequent updates of the chain algorithm, chain becomes more and more low, therefore, the original content is the webmaster attention, I believe that the Baidu education, so hard to do the content on the website, but the quality of the content is there, but it was in the rankings. In the end, love Shanghai at present for the original identification technology is still not enough, quality content is buried in the Internet meet the eye everywhere. So the chain suck, the content of the short time content not to reflect the situation, how do we do website optimization

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share, you can join the QQ group with the group of friends brush share mutual brush, which can guarantee the extensive sharing of IP, reduce the share of traces of cheating. If a relationship has enough widely, also can call to relatives and friends to share. But note that can not use the software to brush.

share note frequency

two, improve the authenticity of


, join the QQ group each brush

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normally, we are to share the love of Shanghai, in the collection, in the collection list once again visit the website to share is called back. You can return to the search engines that the site is valuable, so users are willing to once again visit the website. The return process, still have to click on a different page, and in stages, each page stay for a long time.


in each brush, in order to improve the authenticity of the share, can negotiate with each other in search site keywords in the search engine (recommended manual input key, avoid direct copy), and then on the site in phases to open several web pages, and each stage for 3 to 5 minutes. Finally return to the home page to share web page. But must pay attention to the tail, behind the website URL there will be some unnecessary code, remove the code is real number sharing website. During the procedure, you can ask the full screenshot.

share as the chain operation, should be stable, can not share today dozens, tomorrow is not shared. It is easy to be found is cheating. And should keep the chain and content while sharing the update, improve the site’s overall activity.

all the time, the user experience is considered a key site optimization, and Shanghai love sharing tools as a product, a highly interactive love Shanghai’s share so the website can really reflect to the popularity of the website. Against the serious situation in the chain today, if in the content of the website and the quality of the chain, the number of sites to be shared more, so there is a lot of promotion for the site’s ranking. So how to increase the number of love Shanghai

In order to improve the authenticity of the

for new sites, especially the enterprise website, because traffic is not high, in the search engine.