n 2014, Ma, the world’s best entrepreneur, was selectedYiwu nstitute of Commerce opened 2000 shop

in fact, many students have set up shop early on Taobao, and even the relevant school leaders are very supportive, encouraging the majority of students online entrepreneurship. It is understood that, in Zhejiang, Yiwu business school, there are more than 2000 students through the Taobao shop on entrepreneurship, monthly income of less than 1000, more than ten thousand. Is the school vice president Jia Shaohua as a baby in the College of Junior Yang Fugang, by selling cosmetics online, has 350 thousand monthly sales, net profit of 6~7 million yuan, and has hired 8 full-time employees, with the rapid development of the company, will also recruit 4 students. In Jia Shaohua’s view, the case of Yiwu business school is not a separate case, but a good thing with extensive promotion and practical value. "Our practice is a good proof that, now college students entrepreneurship through the network can not only handle the relationship between learning and entrepreneurship, but also can really solve the employment problems of its own in the land, even to solve the employment problem of other people, is a very good thing."


, the largest IPO founder in the U.S. stock market,

Yiwu Business School 2000 people open shop

is well known that Fadell was a senior executive of the Apple Corp and led the development of the famous iPod. After leaving apple, Fadell set up Nest Labs and served as CEO, the company developed Nest learning wireless thermostat, called smart home solutions representative. Nest temperature controller based on Linux system can track user’s schedule and run program according to user’s working habits and customs, thus reducing the cost of heating and cooling of home by 20%. According to a rough estimate, the $249 product has been reduced to 2 billion kwh of energy for all users over the last 3 years, enough to last 180 thousand homes in the United states.

three to five years incubation ten million "tomorrow net business"

of the convoy action group will hand the domestic Alibaba more than 1000 schools, Alibaba relying on e-commerce platform and the subsidiaries of the group resources, by providing e-commerce training, Taobao entrepreneurial platform, create new jobs and China university students held "tomorrow network business" challenge and other ways to promote the students to use the Internet to achieve business or employment. Among them, at the start of this year "tomorrow network business" challenge, Alibaba group set up 200 thousand yuan venture fund, and provides 100 thousand entrepreneurial opportunities and 5000 internship opportunities to help students go to Internet business road 100 thousand. As we have learned, Alibaba hopes to hatch inside 3~5 year, breed ten million "tomorrow net business"".

is in fact so, Nest Labs has begun to spend shlf1314 money: they bought the smart surveillance camera maker Dropcam for $555 million. Dropcam supports users accessing or storing video from any platform, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Nest Labs products that integrate this functionality so that users can monitor their property more closely. In addition, Nest Labs integrates the functions of companies such as Control4, Crestron and RTI into their home automation systems.

is a major goal for Taobao this year to help college students achieve their jobs through entrepreneurship. To this end, Taobao will be officially launched in May undergraduate entrepreneurship platform, which is currently the most professional university students C2C entrepreneurial services web site.

lead: new technologies to subvert the industry’s play and surprise IPO new record, so that the past 2014 has become a wonderful year.



Taobao next month to push C2C venture website


Jason Ankeny

master smart home development lifeline

from an ordinary teacher to China’s top wealth



in the face of increasingly severe employment situation, in April 17th, the Alibaba announced the group in thousands of colleges and universities, to promote employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students Network escort operations using e-commerce platform to conduct business or employment "". Reporters yesterday also learned that the Alibaba group’s Taobao will officially launch the undergraduate C2C business service website next month.

November 2013, Nest Labs again launched the new product of Internet of things Nest Protect, a networked smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, priced at $99. The product has further strengthened their market position. Just two months later, shlf1314 bought the Nest Labs for $3 billion 200 million in cash – the second largest acquisition in shlf1314 history. After the acquisition, Nest Labs still retain a certain degree of independence, and some analysts believe that they will use the shlf1314 influence and resources will continue to force the product to expand the scope of intelligent home appliances and home security devices such as intelligent lock.

believes that in the future, although Fadell himself has not come to our home, he can see his shadow everywhere.