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1. static station, we usually also called HEML or HTM station, direct static pages, of course, there are a lot of PHP program can generate HTML pages, it is convenient to search engines and content capture, read faster, the establishment of the first choice.

5. all the space is supported by HTML, and the ASP space can only run ASP and ACCESS databases and HTML, but cannot run PHP.


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, let’s talk about the types of stations that are common. Especially in the first stage of the new foundation, you want to do Wangzhuan, terminal must first have a profit. This terminal should be placed on your station. This station can be a blog limit too much. The most important of their own, their own domain name, space. Self management, can learn a lot of knowledge.

our common Wangzhuan advertising pages, most of them are HTML, the general choice of static space can be, cheap.

current mainstream procedures, PHP+MYSQL database, such as our corn bus BBS, that is, using the DZ PHP+MYSQL program, and some collection procedures.

I created this photo sharing site in 2005, and a year later, it has attracted a lot of female users who enjoy sharing the beautiful pictures of their crafts on Wists.

Wists and Pinterest is that it exists as a product blog promotion platform, and the business nature is more obvious.

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4.ACCESS database program, ASP space upload can run, low security, low prices. SQL or MYSQL need to buy database space separately, it is more troublesome to configure the database first, and the security and speed of reading are faster. The price is more expensive.

said, Wists, probably not a few people know; but you must know Pinterest; and Wists is Pinterest deserved ancestors, but unfortunately has become a martyr.

RSS and Yelp, I heard too many words of praise, guilty conscious due; but for visual bookmarks choose a picture like bookmarks as the new photo sharing mode of the invention, I hide my pride. After all, it’s not really an invention. It’s a simple thing that can’t be simpler. But it is moving in the right direction, and now the growing Pinterest is growing up this way.

editor’s note: the author of this article is David Galbraith, one of the founders of RSS and Yelp, who founded Wists in 2005 and pioneered the picture sharing model now used by Pinterest. He was an architect, midway diverted to become entrepreneurs.

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bus is used for corn Wangzhuan forum simple language to explain these type:

regular stations are basically used SQL or MYSQL database, because the running speed is fast, and the safety factor is high.

we often speak of static stations, dynamic stations, PHP stations, ASP stations, etc.. As an old saying goes, don’t get to know the concept, or how long will it take you to study to see what PHP is and what ASP is?. People already do not know what is

initially, we called the Wists service "visual bookmarking", and later changed it to "social shopping", because users mostly share what they want to buy on Wists. The site initially made profit by buying additional links via pictures, which is exactly what Pinterest did. When users browse other web sites, they can click on favorite pictures and add descriptions to share with friends.


I worked with the Twitter team for a while, and I visited them again a month ago. Biz Stone asked me why I said Wists was a garbage. He thought I was too modest. Only I know, Wists is really a fast made defective product. As a designer, I just want you to see a finished and perfect work. And what I want to tell entrepreneurs is, do what you can, and

, when I invested $one billion in Wists, it’s a memorable history, and it’s still running, just dying.

2.asp first seen, and most common, PHP now mainstream, JSP frequency of use..

3. database is the ACCESS database which is the simplest and most commonly used and has now been upgraded to MYSQL this security is high,

Wangzhuan novice preferred: of course is to start from the most simple page advertising program. That is, a static HTML page. This directly download someone else’s modification of the code on it. And the price of space is cheap.