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shlf1314 will send you a check when your advertising fee is over $100. Bring a check and ID card. Also take some money 100 dollars, to the bank for the Chinese clean collection procedures this check is not that their identity cards will be able to go to the bank to take the kind of money, so called "clean".

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shlf1314 AdSense is updated every 4 hours, click records. Plus us time is 12 hours later than Chinese time, so don’t hesitate to ask again. There were 3 hits the day before yesterday, the first two earned $0.44, and third foreign ads actually clicked for $6! However, yesterday looked at the statistics, actually became every click 0.04 dollars. I don’t know what the floating algorithm for shlf1314 is, and many things about shlf1314 are confidential for AdSense.


Stipple is called Adwords in the image field. For the electricity supplier or other brand advertisers, through Stipple tagging pictures provided by Stipple analysis and detection tools, you can view pictures and the number of user participation is viewed on the see which label etc.. And Stipple will this as its profit model, according to pictures triggered by the number of interactive charges to merchants. Since the Stipple platform is now open to the public, it has given this unique picture opportunity to more people. For example, people can upload their matching photos and buy links to pictures in Stipple, so that businesses can be divided according to the picture effects of the people and the actual amount of the purchase.


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when the user using the mouse over the Stipple annotation of the picture, you can see behind this picture story, twitter news figure updates, buy goods in the link graph Stipple parameters automatically grab the price. If the Stipple annotation is valid only on the Stipple site, then it is just an upgraded version of the tag function, and Flickr and Pinterest also have tag functions. But Stipple allows these pictures to be labeled in the whole network, and when other pages are embedded with the Stipple picture code, these annotations are retained, for example, the marked price of the product can be updated in real time.

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if you have your own website and have a certain amount of access, you may apply to join shlf1314 AdSense, whether it is personal or commercial. If you want to try to use their own websites to flow into earnings, to achieve the purpose of making money through their own websites, can visit the official website of shlf1314 a detailed introduction to the shlf1314 AdSense, and how to join the shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance

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people often say that a picture is better than a thousand words. Yes, pictures are more intuitive and attractive than words. But one cannot deny that pictures have their limitations. Pictures often reflect only the surface information, which is what they see. And how does the browser know the information behind the picture: who is the original author of the picture? Where is the photo taken? In the picture, what clothes are on that model? Where are they sold?



shlf1314 AdSense is a form of network affiliate, if you add shlf1314 AdSense to a site, it becomes shlf1314 publishers, as publishers can display the shlf1314 keyword advertising on its website, shlf1314 is the number of clicks to pay the Commission according to members of advertising on the site, when one end of the month the Commission reached US $100 to pay advertising commissions to the user.



all these questions Stipple can be answered. Stipple is a picture annotation service that allows users to annotate picture information. This can be different from the previous label label Tag, the user can be marked in the picture at any position, but all links with the annotation content, picture source, related videos, product price, figure of the social network account etc.. The original Stipple only focus on B2B commercial electricity users, today it has a new version of the line, open to the public, all users are welcome to mark pictures. In addition, it has released a plug-in for the Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser to allow users to browse pictures of Stipple tags on other sites.

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Stipple won in May this year