want someone else to tell me about these things before become an angel investorSpeed nets Liu Xi

first make a decision: do you invest in business interests or do you really want to make money?. If just like you don’t need to worry about it too much, just be ready, because in the end you may be very expensive hobby. For this game, the minimum cost is about $5000-10000 each time, and if you have only so much money, you’re almost sure to lose. If you go to Las Vegas and play roulette directly, you’ll have a better chance of making money. If you just invest, you have to be prepared: every penny you invest will lose, don’t regret it.

internal Entrepreneurship Program

rushed just experienced severe personnel turmoil, the original 700 was restructured as a team of 350 people, but at the bottom of the Liu Xiaoguang and did not imagine the frustration, he admits that hearty optimism seems to be more of a generous spirit of buddhism.

, however, Liu Xiaoguang is pleased in these efforts. He found their own management philosophy — the conscience, and his business model from wanjiebubao Wang Shi turned to gaze toward the Buddha Inamori Kazuo.

if 10 years ago, Liu Xiaoguang did not refuse to send the door to Robin Li, maybe he will be in the history of the Internet with a thick and heavy in colours. Unfortunately, history can not be repeated, he is destined to be a dramatic entrepreneur.

as the earliest batch of Internet entrepreneurs, Liu Xiaoguang witnessed the Internet bubble, but also witnessed the Internet madness. He once refused a supercilious and self-conceited "climate Robin Li, regret so far; and has struggled to win; shlf1314, he and Zhou Hongyi are 3721 authentic, almost was the acquisition of the good Lord Zhu Hailong in one hundred million. The most let him heartache is the beginning of the year he had trusted partners with a number of key to the opponent, the provincial business channel was a fatal blow, but the entire group suffered personnel turbulence, from 700 people plunged to 350.

"I studied Buddhism, of Inamori Kazuo, and of Wang Yangming’s mind, including the" University ", this year I thought grow very fast, basically changed my world outlook and outlook on life, constructs the philosophy system and method on my own." Liu Xiaoguang smiled, it seems urgent to share the results of recent studies of ideas and people, a black tunic collar echoed the traditional inner temperament.

, I took all my resources to help you, and we all came together to work together.

entrepreneurship 14 years, revenue of 150 million yuan in 2011, deep plowing Internet marketing

Liu Xiaoguang now have little say in the specific management of the company, more like a preacher, he will be in the bottom of building a solid base to.

14 years, for an Internet start-up company, revenue reached 150 million yuan, seems to be a bit slow, but Liu Xiaoguang’s favorite is "small and beautiful" company. Two business failures of Liu Xiaoguang eventually borrowed 20 thousand yuan from relatives rushed to create network, around the "Internet marketing experts" a snowball into intensive and meticulous farming, this year reached 350 employees in small and medium-sized enterprise scale, attention to the field of Internet marketing, after the Alibaba and Hui Cong.

2005, shlf1314 IPO, I suddenly had a lot of money, so I did what any young, high-tech, amateur and new rich would do: be an angel investor. I think it’s more fun to change the tastes of the occasional, to control the beggars than to be the one who begs, and that’s my point of view in the right way. But I was wrong about everything else, because I paid a heavy price for these mistakes.

financial weekly reporter Wang Xiaomei / text

do you want to be an angel investor because you’re interested in business or do you really want to make money?

if you really want to make money, there’s going to be a tough time. In general, the process is like this: your early deals almost certainly do not make money. When you complete these transactions, you must have the idea that I am here to pay for school. You will find some nice looking transactions, you can think of these 100% things can become "Next Big Thing", you want to do as much as their ability to buy more shares, because you don’t want to miss the opportunity, after all, often there is no chance.

editor’s note: Ron Garret is a software engineer and is currently developing easy-to-use encryption software. He was co – founder of Virgin Charter, CTO, who worked at shlf1314 in the early days. He also worked as a rocket scientist. After making money, Ron Garret turned into angel investors. Recently, he published a blog article about his experiences in angel investing, hoping to give advice to people who want to be an angel investor.

don’t do that! You don’t have any experience. In your opinion, the project may be a big opportunity, but it’s not. Better publicity is a lot better than a really good business. If it’s so easy to differentiate, Y Combinator doesn’t have to be > every year

every morning, when Liu Xiaoguang comes to the office, the first thing is to turn on the computer and wait for the boot

I’m older now, and wiser and poorer. I can sum up the past, see what folly I have done, and if I seek some guidance, these foolish things can easily be avoided. I was in Losangeles at that time, and smart liars were far better than good mentors. Now is Sunday morning, I got up early, I do not want to programming, and do not want to Tucao, Trump, I want to write a Bowen, this kind of Bowen is in 2005, I hope someone else wrote for me.