Wangzhuan tutorial before the station must pay attention to the detailsshlf1314 advertising alliance

if you are doing regular station, then a concise and memorable domain name is required. If not, then >

build a web site, what procedures, their own development, using blog procedures WP and ZB are relatively good, or use CMS systems,

in contrast, he believes that local enterprises in some localization measures, there are places worthy of learning shlf1314, such as flexible payment methods. "They pay more flexible, and we have been working hard. International companies involve cross national platform systems, and localization takes some time, but will soon change."

selection process is based primarily on the content of your web site, which program you think is good for use. This is not necessarily, it depends on individual choice. However, no matter what program to choose, it is best to choose SEO in favor of. What kind of SEO is conducive to? SEO’s knowledge can not be finished, interested friends can go to the site of the SEO plate to see. Generally speaking, DIV+CSS is basically chosen now.

three, domain name selection.

if you want to run the garbage station to the regular station, then you have to solve the above problem. Now not two years ago, a fully collected station can get 2WIP, and now can only get 500IP.

in fact, the payment method is the webmaster feedback to shlf1314 more a problem. Since 2006, shlf1314 China has developed some policies, and every year with the webmaster to build some opportunities for face-to-face communication. This year will be held in Qingdao, Nanning, Hefei, the three relatively centralized cities, held a "AdSense Partner Day" communication activities. Zhou Wenbiao thinks, solve electronic payment problem is expected to greatly improve the viscosity of the webmaster to shlf1314. In addition, many webmaster also hope that through the exchange with shlf1314, AdSense advertising platform to master the use and optimization skills.

Sina Technology News July 21st evening news, according to shlf1314 China confirmed that the company will introduce electronic payment in the AdSense advertising alliance. This is an important step in the localization of the business in China, shlf1314 China is expected to further closer with Ali mother, sh419 alliance of these local enterprises distance.

revealed that shlf1314 AdSense China advertising alliance this year’s main goal is to achieve the localization and electronic payment, the current payment platform built with partners has entered the testing phase. In the future, shlf1314 Adsense China Adsense will have checks, Western Union wire transfers in addition to third ways to receive advertising fees, faster collection. Zhou Wenbiao did not disclose the name of the partner, said it is an electronic payments business, but not alipay. Speculation may be more experienced in the multinational head of the PayPal.

2, the content of your site where to come, if completely original, then you can go to regular station development, not to say that can not develop, at least you can write. If it is fully collected, then your station ranking will not be good. If the acquisition is false original words, uh, this is typical of the dumpster, because the contents will let others see a loss, does not keep the customer.


AdSense advertising alliance is one of the world’s largest brand network marketing platform, shlf1314 in the global scope through the collection of small owners of the "long tail" forces, allegedly create daily visits more than 700 million times, 88% of Internet users worldwide advertising platform.

in shlf1314 North Asia online sales and Operations Manager Zhou Wenbiao seems, shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance and local enterprises compared to have three advantages: transparency, leading technology and global advertising resources. Especially the latter, shlf1314 currently has more than 100 advertisers, which is very attractive to China’s export-oriented enterprises.

many novice friends after reading certain articles on the boiling blood, in a rush to build a web site. Here, we must remind novice friends, before the establishment of the site, some things are necessary to solve. This will directly affect the development of your station, can you make a profit?.

don’t know why? Let me tell you that. If you do a garbage station, then it is required to have traffic, there are many, many traffic. It is a mere trash article, as long as you can bring flow, then it is for the garbage station, is a cow B article. But if you want to make it a regular place, you have to solve a few problems.

, but this platform, like shlf1314 search in the global hegemony of the same position, but in China is facing from Ali mother, sh419 alliance these giant challenges of local giants. The owners reflect, although shlf1314 advertising alliance with the background transparent and fair etc., but local enterprises have more flexible market measures, which is why many owners do not want to detour.

if you want to be a garbage station, be a good garbage station. If you want to do regular stations, it is necessary to work hard to operate a regular station. On the Internet to see some of the views put forward by friends, saying that the garbage station operating as regular stations. The first thing I’d like to say is that I agree with you. But the fact is, it will be very tiring, and it will not be foreign, this station will make you more and more depressed.

for a long time, shlf1314 is like Ali’s mother, sh419 Alliance

two, site program selection.

1, what does your website use to retain customers? Without your core competencies, death is sooner or later.

1, determine the direction of the station: garbage grab flow? Regular customers?