Three large business enterprise inventory management Difficult miscellaneous diseases

"what hurts me most is the signature of 10 million of the scrap inventory," says MSN mall operations, which have been declared closed. This sentence really reflects the current domestic electricity supplier enterprises are facing the most serious problem – inventory. Inventory management is very difficult, especially the business enterprise, although there are a lot of the help of ERP software, but the diversity of the electricity supplier and each company faces the situation is different, the inventory management is still facing many problems.

should say, inventory management, the most important thing is two points, enter and sell. But in the purchase and sale and the pin is not only so simple, especially the business enterprise, sales will encounter a lot of offline store suobu will encounter the situation in the network, and return, is more complex. In short, in a word, the electricity supplier inventory is much more difficult than traditional enterprise management, inventory inaccurate situation is more serious.

here, but also sort out the electricity supplier enterprises in inventory management, often encountered three problems:

1, customer comments, questions

the goods that the buyer describes in the note and the actual product are not consistent. For example, the picture is white when taken, but in the remarks, he will indicate that the color is black. And when we import this order into our inventory system, it certainly cannot be automatically identified. This time it needs to be manually modified. Manual adjustment is prone to errors, especially in the case of large orders, it is prone to errors, resulting in the delivery of goods is not required by the user. This makes the inventory change inaccurate, and later will also involve the problem of return goods.

in the face of this problem, the best solution is to eliminate the user comments and captured the goods does not appear the same situation, can be customer service reminders, or in the remark column next to the user to explain, from the front end, nature will not cause the subsequent inventory problem.

2, the process of temporary purchasing of goods

a lot of times, in order to control the pressure of inventory, and some of the market can quickly purchase goods, we will use the first user to capture and then purchase strategy. The benefits of this strategy is to reduce inventory pressure, there is a virtual inventory but also bring a problem that in front of the replenishment after we need not do warehousing operations, while also reflected in the financial. Therefore, such a situation in the process will be a headache.

because we can not completely avoid this phenomenon, so we can only do a good job of standardizing the process, and do a good job of recording. What is a temporary commodity procurement, how much is the number of these goods daily purchase, how much is the purchase price, these data is not recorded in the system, or no entry to the actual inventory, but to make the financial accounting regular operation, to ensure the accuracy of financial. Each step requires detailed documentation and regular collation and processing.