Talking about the operation process of my second-hand network

Hello, everyone. I’m a college student. The study is not bad, but I always feel bored in school. When I am bored, I go to the Internet cafe near the school to do the website. I was in a local secondary network, had used network, because I found none of the top half of the sky website at the local second-hand net, most real secondary network then 3 to 4, but the scale is not large. I found it was a good opportunity, so I decided to build a second-hand network.

ename spent $18 to register a local and secondary network content conform to domain name, easy to remember and symmetrical! After buying a space, the space is not large enough, then the selected program is ~. In the network, the secondary network procedures are many, also very miscellaneous. I chose a lot, but also failed to find a program I think satisfied, before I used the Chengdu used network that procedure, that is, rumors of Jilin’s set of classified information procedures. After uploading, using a few days, I feel not very good, BUG and too many mistakes, and, when the release of information, always gives a person is not very convenient feeling. Finally, I decided to give up the procedure and switch to a new program.

but what process should I use? I can’t feel it at all. I’m looking for it on the Internet. I found a second-hand network. It’s very original and attracted me. Shijiazhuang is the secondary network (not advertised it oh ~), finally, I decided to use the DZ program to build the forum I used the one and only! I believe many people will ask, with a secondary network forum program do not?? my answer is yes! It is not the same. It is not difficult to find innovation! In Baidu, a lot of popular and large flow, ranking second-hand net, all in a very simple, very intuitive way to display information! Let those who come in can, fast, intuitive to find the information they want, rather than to find. To find.

to talk about intuitive, DZ forum version of a single version of the way is better. I found a single board display method on the Internet, and made the whole website a form that only shows the theme of one page, so that the information sent by others can be displayed directly on the page. Very simple and intuitive. After that, in order to find information convenient, I added the topic classification, and divided all the information into several categories to facilitate the search. Finally, you set up the sidebar, add the latest pictures, and other modules, and leave a lot of room for later use. The recommended theme functionality is added to the top to better display information (which can be recommended for spending money).

was a decent secondary network. The following work is updated and promoted every day. Update, fortunately, promotion can be difficult. As the saying goes, the most difficult to do website promotion, I deeply appreciate this, almost half a month, only about 20 per day IP. No way, only slowly, and every day I will run some of the larger local sites, forums, what to declare