Fundamentals of motion picture network operation


movie website profit Jianzhan simple easy, so many webmaster friends love to open a movie station, but some film but not profitable, share some little experience today the author in terms of how movie site preparation before operation and in the process of operation to the home, I hope to help you!

first: site domain name selection

There are two options for the domain name

, the first and the thunder, Youku potatoes, so choose your site name as the domain name, second kinds of brand domain add other digital or English, such as Youku movies Youku, we can use youkuwang or yksp! Not for the domain name must be short and easy to remember. At the same time, because the film site site cost is low, so the relative competition is very fierce, many key words are tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of index, such as the following picture, you can see the movie Baidu index is above 20W,


, so it’s difficult to get a good ranking. For new sites, we can choose index points, such as movies online, watching


, so for new sites, it is easy to optimize up, and we can choose some PR value is relatively high domain name, so that exchange of links can also be easy to point


secondly: the choice of site space

for the movie station for a lot of people do not know the choice of how much space or server, because just contact for movie station friends who don’t know the movie website need much space, how much of the database and so on! And the movie website must be considered from the point of view of the visitors, so customers need a quick access VPS, now a little VPS about a month more than 100, when buying, must consider the good, because no matter what stable web space is the first


final: site program selection

free movie program now has a lot of, for example, CMS, CMS light, MXCMS, apple and the commercial version of the film system, just contact for movie website friends can use the free version of the film program, Marx appeared relatively early, now many cattle movie sites are using the Marx film program, he is the movie program teacher, at the same time in the film do better, because of the relatively long time, so for the resources and the template are more, generating speed is quite fast! It is ASP system, followed by light, Feifei, apple movie is a good system, but also PHP.

these can meet the needs of everyone, each program has its own advantages and disadvantages, regardless of which program to choose, you need to choose according to your own reality. After choosing the space, domain name and program, you select a network carefully