A little experience about the guest website to share

I began to do a QQ station, and a communication network, a lot of traffic, but not always earn what money, see some friends do Amoy net, said profit is good, so I made a new Amoy net, actually Amoy promotion mode is very simple. Each guest promotion a product will be the only promotion code (similar to a web site), as long as the user clicks the code link into the shop, and the actual purchase of goods, Amoy Alipay account can be paid by the seller of the commission. The Commission is usually between 1.5% and 50% of the price of the goods. Now I do station experience and share with you, I hope you can help, good place, please forgive me.

as a guest station, the positioning of the site is very critical, such as the station I taobao.com ladies, is specially recommended brand, what Gloria, peacebird brand and so on, are very good reputation of the brand clothing, people through online shopping, are directed at cheaper prices of goods and quality well, if online the goods and the store are the same or higher commodity prices, those who are willing to go online to buy it?. Most of these brands are more expensive than 20% of the physical stores, so they attract the attention of users. When there is a choice of goods, do not care about the rate of commission level, a large extent, the commission rate is high, but not good goods do promotion, to find a high level of product promotion, so that this piece of goods sold very well. Do business comparison. In contrast to the goods at the same time, but also in the comparison between the choice of merchants, as far as possible to select high credit merchant merchandise promotion.

has done the website’s localization, is must decide the website the marketing strategy. As a new station, in a short period of time flow, then all on their own promotion, obviously very unrealistic. So I thought about the search engines. Because they have done before the QQ station, so for how to do web site SEO, I still have some understanding. If you want to increase the amount of search engines, a substantial increase in web content is one of them. What we need to do more is to build a good website structure for spider engines of search engines. Optimize the internal links of the site, a good site structure will allow the spider along the link, read the content of the site layer upon layer. Web site structure of the poor, will let spider feel into the maze. If your site is very large, it is best to establish a clear site navigation, comprehensive site maps and other user experience applications, so that can guide spiders, and also facilitate users of the site. Do search engines, the most important thing is the keyword rankings do go up, is the key to traffic, when it comes to do keyword ranking, even outside the essential link, how to do this even, there is not much to say.

Is the most important

do station also, is everything to hold on. Some friends do promotion, a month income is not ideal, he can not stand, gave up, that also gave up the opportunity to make money, everything should be a step by step, to learn, experience.