The relationship between selling traffic and advertising alliances

webmaster please note, many sites have recently sold Muzi alliance flow on the network playing advertising, claiming to sell traffic, can give a personal website to bring advertising revenue, but also can join the headquarters site, and get a same sale flow Muzi Union website! I don’t know what we think for now the sale of these traffic sites? Here I want to talk about some of my own experience to buy traffic.

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in 2 months ago, I made a movie website, you feel good, the proxy server is updated every day, the film, Baidu and GG are taking care of me, time 2 weeks included my website, but the page included little, less the daily flow of the poor the website before, is blunt advertisement, but did not expect to do more than 2 months, traffic is still very small, put up almost every day what advertising revenue, so I began to sweat, go to Baidu search in boring how can increase website traffic information, to find a lot of information, finally I stop in "sardines alliance" page, features of this alliance I simply tell you about the use of the software, sardine is to enhance the site visits (i.e., increased IP, PV, and the same Increase the number of frames / floating frames, page views, popups, numbers of external links, and so on. Sardine contains two parts, sardines and sardines software website, called the sardine system. Software is used to generate access behavior; the website is used to manage tasks deployment, users, web sites, point to point / two points display, traffic control, point trading, etc.. There are two types of users, site users and non site users. Web users use the system or website promotion visits (users of the site can be divided into paid users and ordinary users), non users mainly get points by logging software, and then sold to the official to obtain economic benefits.

then, I buy a monthly package in the official website, do a good job settings, waiting for advertising revenue is coming, every day I watched the website statistics, and every day to check there advertising clicks, I’m glad that this alliance with the official website said that sardine like, really can give my site bring certain flow, and click on the function of advertising. It was like this for a week. This day I went as usual to check my advertising revenue, found that the account is frozen, with advertising alliance customer communication later that, advertisers complain about my website cheating, I was like thunder! So I said goodbye to this web site to sell traffic. So, I think it should be down to earth to do its own website, the website information website I do now ( has been 2 weeks, I am waiting for your search engine, my task is to update the contents and find the appropriate external chain, so here AD, ha ha ~ hope! In this article we can help