What is the order to open nternet cafes documents

want to open a legitimate Internet cafes, naturally also need to apply for a variety of related documents, and these documents are handled naturally need to comply with the relevant order process. So, what is the order to open Internet cafes documents? Let Xiaobian do a detailed analysis for you.

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1. Cafe — Cultural Bureau (Internet franchise license), for after filling / contract / check / pay related management fees for Internet cafes / legal representative / ID of print / Internet cafes technology security certificate / ID card copy / list of bar staff at least four. If not for going through the purchase of the network or other county or not do the Internet, such as the transfer of the Internet so owners name and business license of the legal representative of the internet name will become the need for their overall relationship, mainly.

2. Fire Certificate – to go to the fire department (fire agreement), before giving gifts. When the fire department staff will be open to the Internet cafes you want to open the road / mouth / front door safety entrance and other evaluation, such as through the fire will be issued a written opinion.

3. security certificate – to go to the Public Security Bureau (Internet security license), ask for the phone number. When dealing with the Public Security Bureau computer security staff will check in for you for you in the process of Internet cafes. If checked and passed. District Public Security Bureau will report to the city council. After the instructions. Will be issued to you (Internet Security License).

4. tax card – Industrial and commercial / Local Taxation Bureau (Internet tax registration certificate), remember to bring a few packs of cigarettes.

5. charge card – to go to the price bureau (Internet cafes fee permits), do not forget to bring smoke.

6. Telecommunications Bureau – the opening of optical fiber processing procedures, and is responsible for the allocation of IP assembly LAN, after work, remember to have a meal together.

7. states that the number of Internet cafes to open the machine can not be less than 30 units, the number of local policies at least 40/60/80, etc., in a word, the relationship!

8. states require Internet cafes operating space of more than 50 square meters.

9. Internet cafes need to open a year after the annual inspection, the way the annual inspection of each local policy are not the same, but the relevant laws and regulations are inseparable from a word, we understand.

10. all aspects of the Chinese new year to remember to communicate.

is not to say that you put on a few computers, even if it is an Internet cafe, if you want to open a legally required Internet cafes, but also need to do