After 90 webmaster Pioneer third day students webmaster Road

I remember I started at the end of 2005, when I started reading, he opened a legendary family, do more, I need a family patriarch website, go from the station road.

with many webmaster, I also play the first free space started, but with different needs webmaster I entered a free resource station due to all sorts of accidental mishaps under the alliance group, there are free resources station, so I also bought a room for my own domain name, is my new year deposit money the teacher to help me find a computer exchange, but our teacher or my family members, ha ha, I also go to the construction of free resources Station road.

has just learned to build the station, many people will not do traffic, and I, like many people, when competitors are very large, I am very satisfied with the flow, I will study in the major forums to do traffic, advertising. I have come into contact with another circle, beauty picture stand, there was the presence of SP, very eat incense, the flow is also very much, I put my own website into a beautiful picture station, have access to the SEO, domain name investment and so on for me novelty.

I am very early, but also very love brains, when my picture station content title and the majority of people are not the same, some pornographic website name, the flow is very considerable, every day is a mystery in learning and the number of money flow. I created a Alipay, then SP’s uncle familiar with my pig, he gave me money to alipay.

calm life is not too long, because my website article is some network warning, ha ha, I remember the record with a mobile phone number is called a few uncle cloud free resources in the group, he was too nervous to death, I like him, directly to the website to delete. But there was no regret, SP was suspended by the country, and no advertising could be done.

I went to reselling QQ Road, but first I put money Kuiguang. I was LAN, and the results of the purchase of software can not wash QQ number, and finally I want to come out, use me into the Q number of washing the advantages of this circle reselling. Good scenery is always not long, and when I am still immersed in the number of money and every day after school reselling busy, QQ launched a lot of initiatives so that we can not afford to earn money. I have no identity, cause I bought a validated pay treasure, he also became behind me to continue to do stand straw.

I and many after 90 webmaster, have a master, my master called "big brother" in Tangshan, at that time is very famous, named "garbage station king". Haha, master, don’t scold me when you see the article. I also went to my garbage station trip, he taught me a lot of things, I have access to the garbage station necessary foreign space. But at that time I only learned of his 2 points of technology, will engage in number, will not engage in quality, leading to the station is indeed more, when the flow is not very impressive, and I only Alipay, no bank account, many advertisements do not, plus the garbage station is basically with Baidu.