The two months of the first site of all kinds of helpless

2008 in the past 2 months, in 2009, had intended to go to Xi’an to do good Internet technology, but the weather is unpredictable, it still did not go into, during that time, want to have with a friend to shop, but then blew, until that day, I think the site is very good, is obsessed with the site for things began to busy, I thought the first site, the site, do the main station is a very simple occupation so I did not have much thought preparation, then finally need to prepare everything ready, but at this time, I found a the most basic problem, the site is in need of a host, a domain name, and a suitable website program, but I do not know the first website also need to program, and bought a host and domain Later, the program is giving me a headache, because only a good program needs 3000 yuan of investment, it is a bit confused, then heard a lot of free online program source code, I downloaded a movie thief program, but a lot of things which are the official program with the program source code which need to change a lot of things, I think the moment into a bottomless pit can not come out as his recovery, but it still survived this period of time, the site was finally completed, the next step is to issue a website traffic, no traffic to the website is useless, so I started my career long nights.

has imperceptibly site for two months, feel the time passed quickly, in the first month of the station, when I was in the most difficult start, do not want to let others on their own publicity, every day on the Internet, send website information forum, QQ, e-mail, the day is too noisy, can’t concentrate to do things do, so every day I work at night and sleep during the day, but I don’t get paid so much return, gradually, I began to change my ideas for cooperation immutable and frozen, friends together to do publicity. Sure enough effect than his post propaganda much better, every day have a fixed income, I daily propaganda, but every day only up to 40 to 70 of the natural flow, although Baidu is not included, but my site every day there are about 1500 of the traffic, I finally know the publicity for the important properties of a the website, and I’m not stingy, began a fund-raising publicity. From March 29th to April so far is I in the 2 months to do the most happy, relaxed, happy hour, hope this time can be extended, here, although has not believe that right to say I hope I can make an exception, bless keep this mood

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