Refuse to make ends meet grassroots network positioning is very important


said that a very realistic topic, China grassroots grassroots network of millions of entrepreneurs, but how much profit?. In grassroots entrepreneurship, more than 90% of the webmaster is doing a day station, then pay a day of voluntary labor. Without any return, the website construction is more like a black hole, drawing on the manpower, financial resources and time. As the saying goes, perseverance is sure to succeed, is such a reason, but it can not be unrealistic to invest in it. At least make sure how much money you earn, but you have to say that most of the webmaster building sites lack money making awareness. Why? In the website operation, more people think that the site does not put ads in the early stage, careful traffic is king. I want to say here is that traffic is important, it is valuable to win the user experience, but at any time awareness of money is indispensable. How to locate an accurate sense of online entrepreneurship, if you have time, you can read a little bit of advice below:

1: the choice is greater than the efforts of the industry there is a way out,


always has a word in choosing a job, "choice is greater than effort", grass roots in the construction of the website should be the same. When building a web site, you want a good profit pattern? The construction of a station on what is money, rely on advertising alliance, or rely on sponsorship and network marketing? How long time the website construction may get income, and the income and estimated in a what kind of time and pay a flat, until profit. If you can’t choose, just wait and do it, or change a website type. Not all others in this line to make money, also a hot head is not what to think, to do imitation with each other. People with impulsive brains do not have a few impulses to succeed; instead, more people lose. If you are not a genius, let yourself calm down and think again and again about what you should think.

is also a love that is upstream, adversity can "hero". Website construction has always said not to follow the trend, but there are so many people love to follow the trend. Like a few years ago to do "brand Shanzhai" web site as hot, how about now? More people are disconsolate, not to be K down. No way out of the site, not to do otherwise, and finally with the garbage station as a result of what the use of it?

two: recognize your current situation and maximize your profits.

has a lot of people website, some flow complacent, say to want monthly income, a few K. Take 1000 of the traffic, out of advertising costs 1000 of the price, a man to be realistic, 1000IP may sell a dollar. Of course not improperly belittle oneself own value, some sites even hundreds of thousands of IP can monthly income is not difficult. The key is your profit model and where your customers are. If you just rely on the usual advertising model, it’s hard to have such a collection