Talk about webmaster tools that thing, the site in different regions of different rankings

now has many tools for querying web sites, but there are few good ones. All the time, I prefer webmaster home webmaster tools, usually use the webmaster home tools for inquires. Of course, in the last year, I also used a network called poly Rui webmaster tools, the webmaster tools can function better than the owners of the house, but the official suck, in more than half a year after the collapse of the.

Webmaster Tools:

1. since the sharp net poly webmaster tools fail, I also like to find every day in the network so strong a poly Rui a webmaster tools, but has not found, of course, finally, then use the home station webmaster tools. Although the webmaster home tools, functional development is not a lot of practical, but the basic site of the latest changes can still be queried. Such as: website ranking, website collection, long tail word mining, etc., these functions are counterparts in the incomparable.

2. use webmaster home webmaster tools is relatively simple, the author also used habits. Every day as long as the bed, the first thing is to use webmaster tools to check the next site, overnight ranking ups and downs, site collection, etc..

3. today, the author is also the same, open Webmaster Tools query keyword ranking. Then I dropped in to love station net and looked. Because, before I heard that love station net get Li Xingping and Cai Wensheng millions of investment, so no less attention to love station nets. However, recently observed love station network changes, the feeling is still the same, that is, from the query site update rate above the promotion of some of the previous ten days or half a month before the data. The current data are basically showing the latest information about your website in Baidu. Unfortunately, the function remains above the previous level.

4. to tell the truth, I want webmaster tools, you can query the rankings of major search engines. For example, the top 360 search rankings can query, you can query, a query can be ranked, the other is Google and Sogou ranking can query, as long as the search function can query, add the function as the home station as powerful as OK. Of course, this is only the author’s ideas, nor on behalf of the majority of the webmaster. As for the function, the development is not reasonable. It is the engineer who develops these webmaster tools.

sites vary in different regions:

1. here, I also share with the webmaster friends, I just found Baidu ranked new problems. Is the author in the 51 flow statistics Webmaster Tools query ranking situation, found that site ranking in different regions of the rankings are different. Here are a few of my rankings, as shown in figure

2. below to show a sofa class keywords ranking