The experience of a woman webmaster doing a web site well

everybody, elder brother, younger brother, little woman is polite. Every day, ADMIN5 to see the predecessors wrote articles, from which also learned a lot of knowledge, but also summed up some of the experience, and today we share with you a small experience of female webmaster bar.

. Do station, such as life, mentality first, do standing, just as when we were fishing, the need is patience, must not be eager for success.

two. Honestly do stand, steadfast update.

many friends often do a lot of classes when they are doing their own websites, and they feel a lot of categories, and they seem to be more powerful. In fact, totally wrong, relative to our personal webmaster, in the absence of any funds and resources as well as human, the only thing we can do is start from the little things, we don’t want to others so much, we only do a good, so many people China, and no one can meet the needs of users station so, we need to concentrate on doing a good class. Wouldn’t it be better to attract a steady crowd,


update, updated every day, or to collect the original false original, not all day to think of the program here change where to change, with no point, do these things simply eat nothing. I might as well gather information for the second day update site. Regular updates, pay attention to observe the spider visiting time. Catch the main time, then update, so the spider will be better for you.

three. There is no gain without pains.

always do some friends love free stuff, do not want to pay, always love to pick up some small cheap, this is not the future forever. Since you want to make a good stop, take some money to buy some good links, buy high quality ones, and don’t buy so many. It’s no use at all. Do some contributing activities on your website. Send a small prize, the prize is just a formality, who cares about you that just a few pence Oh, everyone’s psychological comfort.

four. Broad mind, see more, listen more, think more.

used to be broad-minded, can do great things, do not care about extreme pettiness of character. I communicate with other owners, like some high-quality webmaster actually will communicate with you, if you are sincere advice, such as what you experience to share with you, do not think that he caught some small things that are amazing, communication will have progress. Come to ADMIN5 every day and some webmaster consulting station to see the article, what happened today, these will help us.

five. Do webmaster to have "mother" spirit.

this article is yesterday or which day to see, but also here to see, very good, we must have the spirit of the webmaster. I think everyone should know what it means.

well, it’s gone for the time being. Some of my little experiences above