Seo actual combat experience home page by K solution

site optimization process, and most of the site optimizer, I have encountered the site was K, keyword crash, web site by K and other issues. The site was K, most of which are man-made, in short, is to optimize the excessive, excessive optimization, not only refers to the accumulation of a large number of keywords, but including all optimization methods in any excessive optimization; keywords dips, mostly caused by the search engine, is due to a change in the search engine algorithm, and it is the disappearance of parameter disappear your ranking has relied on; Web site was K, most of the reason is because the weight is too low, the search engine that the abandon of little importance.

here, let me talk about the first page I’ve ever encountered, the low weight, and the solution:

1, domain name

especially the company website, often a space bound a domain name, which resulted in the search engine’s confusion, it does not know which one to choose the domain name as the site of the home page, for example, we want to use the site of the home page, so display for the web page; display page. The solution to this problem is simple, that is, to increase the weight of the home page, we can use as the absolute domain name of the website, and the rest of the domain name is redirected to our absolute domain name.

two, the inner page shows that the home page does not display

,, and show, while the main domain names and we want to see are gone, and for this reason there are the following situations:

1, website revision

for the website, website navigation is particularly obvious, because the navigation site fits, and most of them are ready to download the source code, so to the search engine’s impression is repeated, meaningless, and search engine crawling, just to see you in the space of a single page is relatively new, so included and in this case, as long as we update the site, improve the site’s content can be.

2, optimized over

excessive optimization problems, in short, is that Baidu is your site’s home page has no value keywords too much, because the website optimization of their own limitations, often can not put too much words better together, in theory, the more frequency in the article page keywords appear better, but if not convergence well, often lied, so a lot of optimization was put forward "keyword density, this argument applies to predict expression optimization ability is poor; jump out rate is too high, so that Baidu believes this page no significance for this reason, instead, we want to improve and enrich the content of the page.

three, space problem,


space problem refers to the space self